Home Health Lactose Intolerance! You Would Never Recognize These 7 Symptoms!
Lactose Intolerance! You Would Never Recognize These 7 Symptoms!

Lactose Intolerance! You Would Never Recognize These 7 Symptoms!

The symptoms of lactose intolerance we often “justify” them with something else.

Lactose is found in many foods – milk, cheese, yogurt, fresh cheese … but also in chocolate and many other products.

However, many people do not even know that they are suffering from lactose intolerance.

At the same time, symptoms of this condition are not as strong as in allergy.

In addition, they cannot endanger life, and often people continue to consume milk and milk products, and the body suffers.

If you suspect, there are also some unpleasant symptoms that could be an indication that it is lactose intolerance!

Lactose intolerance symptoms

1. Bloating

One of the typical symptoms of this condition is bloating.

Carbon dioxide and also methane are collected in the intestines and are responsible for severe inflammation.

2. Pain in the abdomen

If you suffer from gases and also bloating, of course, you cannot help yourself at any time.

For example, it is difficult to release gases if you are in a company.

However, it has its consequences: while keeping the gases, the hoses inflate and cause pain and strange sounds.

3. Stomach cramps

You need to know that one of the symptoms of lactose intolerance is also cramps in the stomach.

4. Diarrhea

Another symptom of this condition is diarrhea.

The body is not able to break down lactose in the small intestines, therefore, it happens in the colon.

Among other things, lactic acid, which also causes water to accumulate in the digestive tract, produces diarrhea.

5. Constipation

It may sound contradictory, but in time due to lactose intolerance also comes to constipation.

In addition, this can happen when methane is formed in the intestine due to intolerance.

The intestines work slower due to gases and also there is unpleasant constipation.

6. Nausea and vomiting

Due to the inability of the body to break down the lactose, the digestive system is also extremely loaded.

At the same time, there is nausea and, in severe cases, vomiting.

7. Headache and dizziness

Some symptoms of lactose intolerance are a headache and also dizziness.

It is not fully explained why these symptoms occur, however, it is possible that due to lactose in the colon, substances that flow through the blood reach the whole body and also cause problems.


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