Lady`s Mantle Regulates Menstrual Cycle And Is Salvation For Women

Lady`s Mantle

Lady`s Mantle

Lady`s mantle is a herbaceous perennial plant that grows in mountainous areas, forests and pastures in the period from March to August.

It is recognizable by semicircular leaves and small, yellowish green flowers.

It is interesting that its Latin name (Alchemilla vulgaris) comes from the medieval alchemists, and here’s why.

They believed that dew which is collected from the leaves of Lady`s mantle has magical powers that could help them in the search for the Stone of Wisdom.

The same mythical substance in liquid form is the elixir of life that heals, rejuvenates, provides longevity and sometimes, even immortality.

The plant Alchemilla vulgaris has been known under the name Lady`s mantle.

Lady`s mantle is salvation for women

Name of the lady’s mantle comes from the shape of its leaves that resembling female bathrobe from the Middle Ages.

Perhaps it is precisely in this way nature wanted to draw attention to women on Lady`s mantle as a very useful herb for them.

This herb is a real salvation for women because it has a very beneficial effect on the female reproductive organs.

Let`s speak now about Lady`s mantle natural benefits without any exaggeration, on the basis of current knowledge and experiences.

Frankly, it is not easy to enumerate and see all that can be treated and cured with the help of this plant.

In the first place, of course, many women’s diseases and disorders, and more:

-1. Regulates menstrual cycle

-2. It soothes menstrual pain and cramping

-3. Treating excessive discharge (white wash for women)

-4. Removes unpleasant feeling of dryness in menopausal women

-5. Relieves disorders among girls at puberty (drink tea from Lady`s mantle and yarrow, in the proportion of 1: 1)

-6. It removes or facilitates interference in women in menopause (drink tea from Lady`s mantle and yarrow, in the proportion of 1: 1)

-7. Extracts made of this herb in combination with other herbs are prescribed for the treatment of fibroids and endometriosis in women

-8. Grease of Lady`s mantle can be used in cases of vaginal irritation because a calming effect in those areas

-9. Provides protection from abortion (reinforces the fetus)

-10. Facilitates childbirth

-11. Stimulates recovery after childbirth

-12. It helps in case of failure of the uterus (drink tea from this herb and massage the lower abdomen tincture of shepherd ‘s purse

-13. It strengthens the muscles, so it is recommended in a weakened heart muscle and muscle diseases in general

-14. Encourages muscle development at children during growth and development

-15. It is used to treat skin diseases and injuries (cuts, festering wounds, ulcers, gangrene, eczema …)

-16. Can be used for mouthwash (for ulcers of mucous membranes, bleeding gums, sore throat …)

-17. Lady`s mantle tea relieves insomnia

Lady`s mantle tea preparation:

Take one teaspoon of dry Lady`s mantle leaves and poured in a cup with boiling water.

After 5-10 minutes tea is ready for consumption.

It can be drunk during the day in small sips.

The usual dose is 2 cups.

After the birth, the first 10 days, it is desirable to drink large quantities of tea.

Tinctures and extracts are used according to the instructions of manufacturers because in this case the dosage depends on the concentration levels of the Lady`s mantle.

In their composition can be often found and other herbs, depending on the purpose of using.

NOTE: Lady`s mantle must not be used by people who have some problems with bile, liver and stomach.

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