Leek! It Lowers Blood Pressure And Bad Cholesterol And Boosts Immunity!



Nowadays, the value of this vegetable in the modern kitchen is often neglected, but don`t forget that leek is the true source of healing properties.

It is the right time to incorporate leek into your daily menu.

Like other types of onions and garlic’s, leek has also a distinctive – specific smell and is cultivated since ancient times.

Of all the types of onions and garlic`s this plant is mildest in flavor, not angry, there is no strong odor and does not cause tears on your eyes.

It`s time to involve leek in your diet

In addition, it has another advantage over other types of onions and garlic`s: it`s easily grown and is not sensitive to low temperatures.

This vegetable can be picked from the beginning of autumn until the end of spring.

Therefore, the leek is an important ingredient especially in winter, when the choice of vegetables is deficient.

Leek NutrientsNutritional value

Its nutritional composition is similar to its relatives, but with higher content of protein, beta-carotene and vitamin C.

Raw leek is an excellent source of manganese and a good source of iron, folic acid, vitamins C and vitamin B6.

Since the boiling reduces the number of vitamins and minerals, cooked leek becomes a good source of manganese and a central source of iron, folic acid and vitamin B6.

Healing properties

Leek can be used whole – and not only as a spice but as a self-vegetable.

Abundant in nutrients and medicinal substances – contains a lot of minerals and vitamin C and essential oils with sulfur.

These oils have a beneficial effect on the respiratory and digestive organs, kidneys, liver, blood and blood vessels.

The smell of leek is coming from these oils, which is quite specific, and repulsive for many people.

It is recommended to use the entire plant – white stalks and green leaves.

The leaves, which are often avoided, contains several times more vitamins than the white part.

Here are some health benefits:

– 1. If you have enlarged thyroid gland it`s recommended to use warm packs of cooked leeks.

-2. Leek helps with a cough, soothes a cough and has a beneficial effect on hoarseness, pneumonia and asthma.

-3. It reduces increased amount of uric acid, cholesterol and blood fats.

-4.  It improves blood circulation and helps with arteriosclerosis and phlebitis.

-5. It improves the appetite and stimulates the digestive system and intestines.

-6. It encourages better kidney function and excretion of urine and helps with pain in the kidneys and kidney stones.

Buying and storing

Leeks can be found in markets in the spring and autumn, and if you buy leeks, pay attention to its strength and color.

The white part of the leek should be firm to the touch and spotless, and the green leaves should be with a distinctive color and closely skintight.

You need to buy this plant when you use it, and if you are not using immediately, cut off the tops of leaves and keep it in the compartment for vegetables, refrigerator or in a cool place for several days.


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