Home Health Lemon Peel Trick To Get Rid Of Chronic Pain And Inflammation
Lemon Peel Trick To Get Rid Of Chronic Pain And Inflammation

Lemon Peel Trick To Get Rid Of Chronic Pain And Inflammation

Lemon Peel

The lemon tree is among the most cultivated and oldest fruit plants all over the world.

In fact, there is a very good reason for that.

Lemons among fruits have a long time ago earn the right to be called a natural super food!

Lemon peel is useful for our health

Lemons are very rich and filled with minerals and vitamins.

Lemon is filled with vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamins B1 and B6.

In addition, it has a plenty of minerals and compounds such as potassium, calcium, phosphorus, folic acid, pectin, bioflavonoids and magnesium.

These minerals and vitamins are helping our body and protect us from a lot of conditions and diseases.

They have great positive effects on stomach, liver, intestines and our overall immune system.

Lemon peel and lemon juice have a very nice acidic and sour taste.

Actually, lemon is acting as a buffer in our body and can decrease hyperactivity in our stomach.

I hope that you know that this favorite citrus fruit has amazing benefits for your joint pain!

Lemon leaves for reducing fever.

Lemon peel among other benefits has a nice antiseptic effect.

Lemon peel is rich with volatile fragrant essential oils that are helping and relaxing our blood vessels.

In addition, they are producing an anti-inflammatory effect whish are making them very useful for nerve and joint pain.

The lemon peel recipe is effective and simple.

You need just a few ingredients which usually you have at your home.

The two most effective ways to use lemon peel:

-1. Grate the lemon peel (you need to get only the layer from lemon peel – none of the white part)

Rub the lemon peel onto the affected area of your body and wrap a bandage around it.

Keep the bandage for the next 2 hours.

-2. Out in the jar the rind of 2 whole lemons and fill the jar with olive oil.

The closed jar you need to keep aside for 2 weeks.

After 2 weeks rub with the mixture affected part of the body and wrap it again with a bandage.

This bandage needs to stay on your part overnight.

NOTE: Be sure that you are using fresh and organic lemons.

Source: supertastyrecipes.com



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