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The Level Of Creatinine In The Blood And Urine! The First Indication Of Dangerous Diseases!

The Level Of Creatinine In The Blood And Urine! The First Indication Of Dangerous Diseases!

Creatinine level in the blood is actually a balance between production and the rate of excretion in the urine.

Creatinine is an organic compound in the body is formed as a by-product of protein metabolism.

It results in degradation of phosphocreatine in the muscles, while a small portion comes from food.

This organic compound is excreting from the body by the kidneys through urine.

There is a location of the largest concentration of this organic compound.

If you notice in the laboratory findings an item with name “endogenous filtration marker”, know that this is diagnostics for the overall kidney function.

Creatinine is one of the most important factors for energy production in muscle.

About two percent of creatine is converted to creatinine.

This compound travels through the bloodstream to the kidneys that are filtering out a significant part and also transport it in the urine.

It is easily measured through laboratory tests because it is constantly present in the blood and urine.

Also, its level in the blood is actually a balance between production and the rate of excretion in the urine.

The level of creatinine in the blood

If it`s reducing filtration in the kidneys or the urine creatinine excretion, but producing remain same, concentration in blood increases.

In many cases, it`s about creatinine clearance – a parameter indicating the efficiency of kidneys excretion of small molecules from the blood.

It`s getting by calculation of the organic compound levels in the blood and levels in 24-hour urine (biuret).

Creatinine in a single urine sample

This organic compound is functioning as a correction factor.

Then it determines the other analyte, such as proteins, to assess the secretion of this analyte in urine.

When the glomerular filtration of the kidney reduced by more than 50%, creatinine will be increased in the urine test.

Based on these facts, calculating creatinine clearance is a good indication of kidney glomerular filtration rate.

Glomerular filtration rate value is a very good indicator of the state of kidneys function.

However, creatine is not suitable to display rapid changes in glomerular filtration rate.

The quantity of creatinine in one day is equal to the muscle mass of the body and varies from person to person.

It also depends primarily on the following factors:

– Differences in muscle mass (which is caused by gender, age, race)

– The differences in diet (for example creatinine is lower at vegetarian people)

– In malnutrition

– After amputation, and also in hospitalized patients, liver cirrhosis, chronic inflammatory diseases, etc., they have lower this organic compound

– Drugs inhibit tubular secretion (for example Cimetidine and trimethoprim) or inhibit degradation in the broad-spectrum antibiotics

– At low glomerular filtration rate may occur increased intestinal (through the intestinal lining) elimination of the organic compound

Reference values

Normal creatinine levels are from 41-88 μmol/L when determined by 24-hour urine.

In plain urine, normal levels of this organic compound in adult males are 0.6 to 1.2 mg/dl, and in adult women from 0.5 to 1.1 mg/dl.

A person with just one kidney can also have normal levels of this organic compound in the blood in the range from 1.8 to 1.9 mg/dl.

Levels of this organic compound in the blood can be 2.0 mg/dl (150 μmol/L) or more in infants.

The level of organic compound 10.0 mg/dl or more in adults may indicate severe kidney disease.

On that case, they need for dialysis and also its removal from the blood.

The muscular young men or middle-aged adults may have a higher level of this organic compound in the blood of normal for the general population.

The elderly, on the other hand, may have less of this organic compound in the blood than normal.

Babies have a normal level about 0.2 or more of creatinine, depending on their muscle development.

In people with severe malnutrition, weight loss, and long-term diseases, muscle mass tends to decrease over the time.

Therefore, their level of this organic compound may be less than normal for their age.

Low levels of creatinine

This level is a rare condition and almost always is in conjunction with a small muscle mass.

A woman during pregnancy can also have a lower level of this organic compound.

Elevated levels of creatinine

Elevated levels of this organic compound are a sign of reduced glomerular filtration rate in the kidneys due to acute or chronic illness.

What is important is that in the early stages of the disease, the level of this organic compound in the serum will not be high.

As possible causes of elevated organic compound generally are:

– Kidney Infections

– Damage kidneys as a result of using drugs and also toxins

– Diseases of the prostate, kidney stones and other causes that obstruct the urinary system

– Autoimmune diseases

– Lower level of blood flow through the kidneys due to shock, dehydration, heart disease, and also diabetes complications

– Increased release of this organic compound from muscle due to injury or degenerative processes

– When is a higher intake of this organic compound as dietary supplements, the level may be higher than the level when consumer don`t take it as a supplement.

Creatinine clearance

Creatinine clearance indicates how efficiently the kidneys filter out small molecules from the blood.

This parameter is obtained in two ways:

-1st way

By calculating the level in the blood and levels for 24 hours in urine.

By entering these values into the equation you can obtain creatinine clearance.

The calculation also includes data on the height and weight of the patient.

-2nd way

You can get by direct measurement of the collected urine sample for 24 hours.

Low values of creatinine clearance

They can occur in patients with reduced blood flow through the kidneys, diseases of the heart, in the application of certain drugs, and also shock.

They can occur with other kidney diseases that impair their function.

Elevated creatinine clearance

Rarely occur during pregnancy and during the entry of food with large quantities of meat.

These information`s are good to know and also share with your friends and family.


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