Home Health Licorice Has 400 Healthy Compounds – Female Health Guard!
Licorice Has 400 Healthy Compounds – Female Health Guard!

Licorice Has 400 Healthy Compounds – Female Health Guard!

Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra) is a semi-sweet plant that has many health benefits.

It is great for strengthening immunity and fighting cancer, especially breast cancer.

It contains unique immune modulators that we cannot find in other plants.

There are more than 400 herbal compounds in this herb.

Also, many ancient alternative medicines in China, India, and the Middle East have been using this herb for ages, stimulating health and fighting disease.

It is widely recognized as:

– A hormone balancer

– Immune system supporter

– Oral health promoter

– Digestive tract control

In one word, this is a super herb with tremendous potential for treatment.

Licorice is particularly prominent in the prevention of a particular form of cancer, which is breast cancer.

Therefore it is desirable that women consume this herb regularly.

The research conducted by the School of Medical Sciences at the Malaysian University revealed the presence of several unique immunomodulators that this herb has.

Those immunomodulators in various ways help the body to prevent the development of malignant tumors.

Among them are ajoene (powerful antifungal agents), arctigenin (anti-cancerogenic lignan), beta-carotene (antioxidant) and glabrene acid (protector DNA).

Despite the multitude of controversial information on the effects on the organism, the licorice is an effective weapon in combating certain diseases, including cancer.

Its tumor modulation and hormonal regulation make it aggressive in the fight against cancer.

Those are especially hormone-sensitive cancers, such as breast cancer, ovarian cancer, uterine cancer, and prostate cancer.

Numerous studies have confirmed the potential of licorice in the fight against cancer and we will mention some.

Licorice – A health guard for woman

The research by the Rutgers University that revealed that the polyphenol molecule, known as beta-hydroxy DHP (BHP), was extracted from this herb, capable of selectively killing breast cancer and prostate cancer cells, protecting all healthy cells.

The study of the Nanjing University Medical School in China found compound dimethyl sulfoxide in Licorice.

If you take dimethyl sulfoxide at high doses it protects against breast cancer.

In addition, it`s maintaining estrogen levels under control.

Studies show that this herb helps and balance testosterone metabolism, reducing cortisol levels and also licorice root has anti-diabetic compounds.

In addition, the scientific studies have shown two compounds found in this herb that support the growth of human cells, while simultaneously increasing immunity.

Licorice also contains glycyrrhizin and other antioxidants that help in the relief of inflammation caused by cancer.

Even if you have certain unwanted effects of the licorice, it is excellent for cancer prevention and strengthening of immunity.

This herb can cause anxiety at some people that suffer from heart problems such as arrhythmias.

Therefore the over-utilization of this herb can cause some side effects.

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