Home Drinks Licorice – Universal Healing Hidden In Sweet Taste!
Licorice – Universal Healing Hidden In Sweet Taste!

Licorice – Universal Healing Hidden In Sweet Taste!

If you are looking for a universal remedy and you have come to a licorice, the quest is over.

It is a multi-annual plant, (the Latin name Glycyrrhiza glabra), which grows up to one meter in height.

It is also characterized by grape-shaped flowers of pale-violet color.

The leaflets are oval, two to four centimeters long and wide half of their length.

Licorice is also known around the world for its extremely sweet root, used to treat a long list of illnesses.

What you need to know about licorice

Favorite drink of old Egyptians

This herb is known for millennia.

The ancient Egyptians also used it as an herbal remedy, and his supplies were found in the tomb of King Tutankhamun.

Egyptian hieroglyphs show this herb as a popular male drink.

In addition, its application against baldness and other diseases was recorded in 360 years before the new era in Rome.

Julius Caesar and also Alexander the Great were lovers of this sweet ingredient.

Modern candies from licorice date from the 17th century from the Netherlands.

The Netherlands was then one of the most powerful states.

Moreover, its sailors around the world expanded this dessert.

The locals from the surrounding area of Bamberg in Germany are so important that they have long been designated as a symbol of the coat of arms of their region.

Composition and healing

The licorice contains hundreds of potentially healthy substances.

That is including flavonoids and also phytoestrogens.

The active ingredient in it is glycyrrhizin, which is 50 times sweeter than sugar.

Glycyrrhizin has a number of healing effects on the body, which makes licorice a valuable plant for many diseases.

This herb is also a very good substitute for St John`s-wort because it has many antidepressant ingredients.

In addition, affects a hormone cortisol and also stimulates stress resistance.

For that reason is good to use it as a remedy for severe physical and mental stresses.

It helps women in menopause

Licorice and its preparations are very beneficial for women who go through menopause.

It reduces night sweats and also reduces to 80 percent sudden fever attack.

In that way, it provides an easier and better sleep.

Experts believe that natural conjugates from this herb are mimicking the female hormone estrogen, which falls down in that period of life.

In addition, this herb can be used as a safe and healthy alternative to hormone therapy.

Because of its action on cortisol and estrogen, this herb reduces testosterone production up to 50 percent.

Therefore, it is improving skin and hair condition and decreasing unwanted hair growth.

It is best to combine it with the borage, as it also reduces the effect of testosterone.

In that way, together they form a powerful compound.

This plant also contains an ingredient that prevents the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

Dihydrotestosterone plays a key role in hair loss in men.

From it, you can also prepare a shampoo to prevent hair loss by adding it to your favorite hair shampoo.

Licorice is an effective but neglected cure

The root of this herb is an extremely effective but neglected cure.

The list of illnesses and conditions that this herb treats:

– Strengthens immunity

– Boosts endurance

– Helps in treating lung cancer

– It prevents allergies

– It works anti-inflammatory

– Also, it destroys bacteria, viruses, and fungi

– It alleviates respiratory problems

– Protects against heart disease

– It prevents the formation of acne

– Also, reduces hair loss

– It reduces the pain of the muscles and joints

– Raises mood and reduces depression

– Reduces menopausal problems

How to use this herb for some health conditions

Recipe for stomach and throat

If you suffer from gastric problems, you can use this herb in the form of a powder.

In the case of sore throats, chew a piece of this herb raw form.

For dry coughs, you can also make a mix of this herb and natural honey.


For myopia, mix a teaspoon of grinded root with equal parts of natural honey and ghee butter.

Drink this mixture twice a day with milk on an empty stomach.

Pain in the muscles and joints

For the pain in the muscles and also joints, moisten the root of this herb overnight and eat it in the morning.

Polycystic ovaries

For treating polycystic ovaries mix half a teaspoon of licorice and also half a teaspoon of borage.

Mix well and pour 1.5 dl of water.

After five minutes you can strain the mixture.

Drink three cups a day after a meal, four to six weeks.

Anti-hair paste

Make a paste from 2 teaspoons grinded root of the herb, 4 teaspoons of milk and also a pinch of saffron spice.

Put the paste in critical places in the evening before bedtime and hair should begin to grow after a few weeks.

Pasta is also very effective at initial stages of baldness when you start to lose hair and the appearance of dandruff.

The original recipe for candy

Ingredients that you need for the recipe

– A cup of molasses

– A teaspoon of the grinded root of licorice

– 1 teaspoon of dry anise root

– 1 cup of flour

Preparation of the recipe:

Heat the molasses and add anise and also the root.

Put enough flour enough to make the dough with which you can work.

Also, you can make the candies in any shape you like.


Long-term of using this herb is not recommended for people suffering from high blood pressure.

Pregnant women and breastfeeding women should not be using this herb.

Source: www.healthline.com







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