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List of Food You Should NEVER Reheat

List of Food You Should NEVER Reheat


Whenever you are cooking some foods there are chances to have leftovers and is happened that you reheat those foods.

That you are doing, so you will not waste a food.

This is acceptable practice even frowned by some people.

The problem is that a many people are not aware that some of the foods when are reheated, can pose for sure health risk once are consumed.

If you have a birthday party, holiday dinner or any celebration and you have leftovers, be sure that food which you like to reheat is not on the list below.

Don`t reheat some leftovers

Root and leafy veggies

Beetroot and other vegetables such as lettuce, celery, cress, and spinach are beneficial for our health because are rich with nitrates.

If we reheat these vegetables they can become nitrites through transformation and after can conversion can turn into nitrosamines.

Those nitrosamines are known that are carcinogenic.

The best is to avoid reheating these root and leafy vegetables if they are leftovers.

Chicken and eggs

A many people don`t know that when you prepare chicken is very dangerous to reheat and eat next day.

You will have digestive problems because the proteins which are in the chicken meat will change.

You know that chicken has more proteins than red meat.

There is a simple solution for leftover chicken.

Don`t throw it away. Just enjoy eating cold chicken or just re-cook but with a very low heat.

It can be fine to reheat food if it has eggs inside.

However, if you are planning to reheat boiled or scrambled eggs, it`s better to stay away from that idea.

Eggs will come toxic when they are exposed to high temperature, especially when they have been cooked a second time.


Potatoes are vegetables that have a lot of health benefits.

However, if they stay for one or more days their nutritional values will reduce significantly.

If you reheat potatoes you can get serious food poisoning because they can become toxic.


These fungi are very nutritious with the minerals and vitamins.

However, if your leftover mushrooms are from the day before dinner, is very dangerous to reheat them.

The fact is that when you reheat mushrooms they are the most notorious and you can get digestive problems.

Mushrooms should be eaten after preparing because they can ago bed quickly.

For sure you don`t like to serve poison foods to your family.

Next time when you put leftovers in the microwave, on the stove or oven you should know if that food is safe for reheating.

Source: www.stethnews.com



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