Home Health Liver Detoxification With 3 Drinks And Flush Out Fat
Liver Detoxification With 3 Drinks And Flush Out Fat

Liver Detoxification With 3 Drinks And Flush Out Fat

Liver Detoxification

The liver is one of the crucial and most important organs in the body.

With our way of life that we have and using a lot of time processed foods – especially fast food, we can have serious and dangerous negative effects on our liver.

That way of life will accumulate a lot of toxins in our liver and body.

That is one of the reasons why we need to perform detoxification occasionally.

Taking care about the liver is the best possible way to have the healthy and proper function of our liver.

Liver detoxification to protect our overall health

The liver that is not working properly can and will affect the other organs of our body.

That can leading to a numerous diseases and disorders and will affect our overall health.

On this page, we will show to you the best drinks for liver detoxification and to move out fat from your body.

-1. Turmeric drink for liver detoxification

– 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric

– A small quantity of ginger

Lemon juice made from a half lemon

– Half a cup of water

This tasty and simple drink will remove toxins from the bowels and in the same time will protect your body to have gallstones.

The mixture of Turmeric and lemon will clean your liver.

-2. Green tea citrus flavor for liver detoxification

– 1/2 cup of green tea (cold tea)

Lemon juice made from a half lemon

– 1 banana

This is a powerful and amazing extract of green tea that is known as EGCG.

This drink will detoxify your body very fast.

-3. The multicolor drink for liver detoxification

– 1 apple

– 1 bell pepper

– 1 midsized cucumber

– ½ lemon

Mix well all ingredients together to get a juice.

Note: You need to drink this drink immediately so the antioxidants will not lose their healthy properties.

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