A Low-Calorie Diet Stops Diabetes! A New Discovery Is Salvation For Millions!


New research reveals that diabetes mellitus can be “overturned”, meaning that reversible type 2 diabetes stagnates for a certain period.

However, this type of disease stagnates only under low-calorie diet.

This dangerous disease is a hidden killer because it can lead to heart failure, sleepiness, kidney disease or amputation of the leg – diabetic foot.

The numbers say that around 380 million people in the world are particularly affected by diabetes type 2.

This type of disease can be “overturned”, which means that its progression can stagnate for some time.

A Low-Calorie Diet Stops Diabetes

Specifically, experts say that consuming only 600 calories per day during the 8 weeks can save the lives of those who suffer from this type of diabetes in a way that the disease stagnates for some period of time.

Thus, type 2 diabetes can be reversed by low nutrition intake, according to new research.

Scientists from Newcastle University said that excess calories lead to fatty liver.

That consequently leads that the liver is producing too much glucose.

In addition, excessive fat is then transferred to the pancreas.

That is causing insulin-producing cells to stop working and, therefore causing diabetes.

Losing less than one gram of pancreatic fat can resume production of insulin – say, researchers.

“This condition of the disease remains at least ten years after the initial state of diabetes,” says Principal Author of the Study Professor Roy Taylor.

Nutrition based on 600 calories a day for eight weeks helps to lose about 15 pounds on average.

Moreover, it has long been known that weight loss leads to reverse diabetes.

Many patients told me that switching to low-calorie diet was the only option to prevent what they were suffering from.

On the other hand, it is inevitable further treatment and also some other natural ways to stop diabetes.

What did the study find?

The study showed results within just a week after the beginning of a low-calorie diet.

It happens a sharp fall in insulin sensitivity.

During this time period, the level of blood sugar that is significantly higher in patients with diabetes has become normal.

There is also good news for people with type 2 of this disease.

They will probably be able to turn it by “taking away” that small but important amount of pancreatic fat, Dr. Taylor says.

Also, at this point, you can do that only with significant weight loss through a low-calorie diet.

How does the diet work?

Laboratory findings have shown that excess fat in cells that produce insulin causes loss of their specialized function.

Such cells enter a specific survival mode, which is hardly present.

In addition, this condition does not contribute to the well-being of the whole body.

On the other way, the removal of excess fat makes it possible to continue the production of insulin as their specialized function.

What do experts say?

The experts welcomed these great findings presented at the European Association for the Study of Diabetes in Lisbon.

This is a great research and shows that a low-calorie diet can work with highly motivated people.

At the same time, it is difficult to treat all the other people together.

Source: http://www.ncl.ac.uk/magres/research/diabetes/reversal/#overview


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