Lung Cancer – 86% Cancer Cells Were Killed By Compound Of This Herb

Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer

Lung cancer rates as a leader of deaths in the United States that is caused by cancer.

I was surprised when I heard that.

I heard also something else which is even more shocking.

The Breast cancer is a leader of deaths between women.

Statistics from the American Lung Cancer Association are that lung cancer is causing more deaths than well known three most common cancers together – pancreatic cancer, breast cancer and colon cancer.

Lung cancer is one the deadliest cancers in the world

So, what is that important that herb Parsley has?

I know that parsley is more than a garnish for my meal.

It has health benefits for our urinary and digestive system, has great results at treatments of cancer, heart disease and arthritis, kidney problems, treatment of hepatitis, etc.

In 2005, Chinese researchers found that lung cancer killer compound apigenin widely repress cell proliferation of different lung cancer cell lines.

The same study discovered that apigenin when is combined with anti-tumor medication may be extremely effective against cancer growth, not only for lung cancer but colon, prostate, pancreas, ovaries and breast cancer.

One German study that was published in 2008 gave some directions to prevent colon and other cancers.

Another study published by PubMed reported that apigenin, a compound in parsley herb can kill 86% cells of lung cancer in vitro.

This compound apigenin we can find in a lot of fruits and vegetables, but the most common natural sources are parsley, celeriac, and celery and chamomile tea.

Apigenin  – lung cancer cells killer can also be found in oregano, artichokes, oranges, coriander, thyme and some red wines, but the richest source is Parsley – green leafy herb that kills lung cancer.

If you accidently have a dried parsley, that`s even better source for this cancer killer compound than the fresh parsley.

We will present you a parsley tea for tea lovers and you can use it for treating this deadly cancer.

It`s recommended tea from parsley leaves and roots.

Preparation and how to use the roots of Parsley tea:

Finely cut 15gr the roots of parsley and pour about 200ml of boiling water over parsley roots.

Allow a mixture to boil 5 more min.

Leave to stand for about 15 min. more and then strain it.

The benefits of all healing powers can be achieved if you drink three cups per day.

More about parsley you can read on our page for Parsley.

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