MADE IN CHINA! Foods That Are Filled With Cancer-Causing Chemicals, Plastic And Pesticides

Made In China

Made In China

From time to time, all of us can read some shocking news about fake food that is made in China.

The last one was about plastic rice and no one is doing something about it – believe it or not.

Plastic rice? If you consume an even small quantity of plastic is dangerous for your hormones and digestive system.

If you ingest plastic rice basically you can die young of breast cancer.

MADE IN CHINA – a dangerous sign for food

Here in the text below I will remind you about TOP FAKE FOODS – MADE IN CHINA:

-1. Tilapia Fish

This fish is commonly farmed and made in china.

Tilapia fish is one of the worst, unhealthy and most toxic fish that is made in China.

80% of the Tilapia fish in America is coming from China.

-2. Cod Fish

Another fish that is farmed in China is Cod fish.

This fish lives in its own waste and is not healthy.

About 50% of Cod fish is made in China.

-3. Chinese Apple Juice

For your information about 50% of the apple juice in America is made in China.

China is on the top of the countries that produce pesticide and they haven`t begun to address chemical or pesticide residue on foods.

-4. Processed Mushrooms

Tainted mushrooms that are made in China was found from US inspectors.

These mushrooms were labeled “ORGANIC” so companies from China can increase their profits.

-5. Chinese Garlic

Tainted garlic that was made in China was also found from US inspectors.

This garlic leaves a bad after taste because is sprayed with chemicals more than normal should be sprayed.

-6. Chicken

From 2013 is allowed to import and sale of Chinese chicken in America.

That was approved by the US Department of Agriculture.

Chicken made in China is considered dangerous because a lot of food-borne illness and avian influenza are common in that country.

-7. Plastic Rice

As we mentioned before plastic rice – made in China is very dangerous and can cause cancer.

It`s believed that is made from a fake synthetic resin, sweet potatoes and mixing potatoes.

-8. Imitation Eggs

These eggs are coming with some instructional videos from some Chinese websites and you can see how to make money if you produce and sell fake eggs.

If you eat these eggs you can get dementia and memory loss.

-9.  Walnut stuffed with cement

Greed to make money is beyond your imagination.

On Chinese market, you can find walnuts that are stuffed with cement.

Of course, they are heavier and bring more profit.

-10. Industrial Salt

13 years industrial salt was sold like a replacement for table salt.

Industrial salt is not good and unfit for human consumption.

-11. Fake Green Peas

In 2005 were found the green peas that are maybe still produced even today.

These fake green peas were created from soybeans, snow peas, green dye and sodium metabisulfite.

Sodium metabisulfite is used as a preservative and as bleach.

This dye is forbidden to use on the products because it can cause cancer and inhibit our body`s natural capability to absorb calcium.

-12. Mud Sold As Black Pepper

Some vendor in China took flour and sold as a white pepper and for black pepper he was using mud.

It looks like everything is possible and made in China.

-13. Baby Formula

There are fake Baby Formula in 2004 where 47 people were accused because they produced instant fake baby formula and a lot of children died from that.

-14. Fake Food

Jut to mention that on the Chinese market you can buy fake Ginseng, fake sweet potatoes, you can eat beef made from pork meat and all of that it`s with sign MADE IN CHINA.


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