Home Health When You Have Magnesium Deficiency! The Culprit For 7 Intolerable Symptoms!
When You Have Magnesium Deficiency! The Culprit For 7 Intolerable Symptoms!

When You Have Magnesium Deficiency! The Culprit For 7 Intolerable Symptoms!

Magnesium deficiency is directly responsible for our overall health.

In addition, magnesium is responsible for the composition of proteins, fats, carbon, which allow flexibility of bones, and helps calcium absorption.

Although magnesium is important for your body, at the same time, it is the most sensitive and vulnerable trace element.

It is also easy to degradation.

In addition, registered it in the last 100 years the food we consume fewer amounts of magnesium.

Previously, only one meal containing the necessary amount, and today it has only a trace.

In the background for magnesium deficiency are improper diet, fast food, intense way of life, and the impact of stress.

For example, we consume daily, on average 175 mg, and the needs are of 300-350 mg.

White bread and polished rice that we use every day are just some of ingredients that cause magnesium deficiency because of a lack of magnesium.

In addition, if we add the orthophosphoric acid – phosphoric acid, one of the essential ingredients of all carbonated beverages, smoking, and alcohol – for magnesium there is no life.

Low tolerance to viral and bacterial infections, irritability and a tendency to depression, are some of the symptoms of magnesium deficiency.

Make sure that you check and other indicators and give you sufficient amounts of this important element!

Symptoms of magnesium deficiency:

– Tendency to frequent depressions

– Irritability, anxiety, anorexia, fear, and also mood swings

– Chronic fatigue

– Waking up through the night with tics, and cramps in the calves

– The feeling of throat dryness

– Tendency to low blood pressure with increased pulse

– Difficulty in sleeping

– Difficulty swallowing

– Facial tics

– Eyes twitches


– Hyperactivity

– Low tolerance to viral and bacterial infections

– Irregular heart rhythms

– Hyperglycemia

– Impaired memory

– Impaired cognitive function

– Lethargy

– Impaired muscle coordination

– Muscle spasms, cramping or weakness

– Loss of appetite

– Vomiting and nausea


– Cluster headaches and migraines


– Seizures

– Vertigo

– Tremors

Look at the calendar.

If you are in the time period from October to April that means that can appear magnesium collapse.

This is a time when important magnesium levels in most people are rapidly falling at a critical limit.

Those people who take the products with magnesium mainly easy go through this period.

That is because bioorganic magnesium salts do not irritate the stomach.

In addition, the most common combination of magnesium with vitamin B6 permeates in every cell and stay there.

It has the ability to transform B6 from inactive to an active form, and therefore, manages to maintain the right balance.

In addition, vitamin B6 in conjunction with magnesium help:

– To decrease the severity of PMS signs and symptoms to the woman menstrual cycle almost do not feel or easy to overcome

– It`s minimizing discomfort during menopause

– It improves the functioning of the nervous system

– It is improving the function of a heart

Be aware of magnesium deficiency and take enough magnesium for your body and overall health.

Source: healthyplanetcanada.wordpress.com




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