Home Beauty The Main Cause Of Hair Loss! When You Replenish This Mineral, It Will Grow Up Again!
The Main Cause Of Hair Loss! When You Replenish This Mineral, It Will Grow Up Again!

The Main Cause Of Hair Loss! When You Replenish This Mineral, It Will Grow Up Again!

Do you feel flatulence after meals, and you also have a problem with hair loss?

There are some links to these two conditions.

However, the scientists are just interested in seemingly inconsistent symptoms, which are happening together at a large number of people.

Although this was only the case with the male population, today, also women are faced with chronic hair loss.

In addition, there are more and more women that are losing hair, and in time they see this phenomenon very clearly.

Many of them tried to find a solution for this problem with the dermatologist.

However, the answer is that everything is fine with them – from the aspect of dermatology.

All laboratory findings are perfect, but hair loss continues to be with the same intensity.

Doctor Lorraine Devil and Naturopath from the Arizona clinic tried to provide a solution to this problem.

Patients who come to her tell her that they had thick hair that covered the whole head.

However, today they have barely half or even a quarter of what they once had.

Others say to her that their indigenous people often comment on the amount of hair they leave on their own furniture and also at a table during lunch.

On the basis of what was common to all these people, except hair loss, she noted that these were problems with digestion.

They usually say they have flatulence after eating foods that have a high glycemic index.

Usually, that is bread, cereals, sweets, etc.

Many of them say that flatulence does not stop, but it`s constantly rising.

Sometimes they experience constipation and sometimes diarrhea.

Doctor Lorraine Devil claims that all of these symptoms might be not connected with each other, but very often they are.

How does the doctor explain the link between hair loss and digestive problems?

A ferritin is a form of iron that is stored predominantly in the liver but also in the hair follicles.

Iron is a mineral that is important for our life processes such as the formation of red blood cells.

When we have a deficit of iron, then body takes iron from” less important places” such as hair, to meet those needs.

Iron deficiency often occurs due to chronic infections, because bacteria, fungi, and viruses use iron in their life cycles.

The onset of infection is responsible for releasing a hormone called hepcidin, which blocks the absorption of iron in the intestines.

This is an adaptive mechanism for acute, short-term infections.

However, if there is a long-term infection, such as the excessive growth of intestinal bacteria or fungi, the body itself drains all the iron supplies.

In addition, the body will absorb less of this iron due to the release of hepcidin.

Over time, this causes a low level of ferritin.

Therefore, according to Professor Devil’s opinion, the hair loss is the result of low ferritin.

Its levels should usually be over 50μg / L to stop hair loss and more than 70 μg / L for hair regeneration.

Therefore, a low-level ferrite originates from the digestive problem.

This health condition must first need to be healed so the hair loss and its growth will eventually be stopped.



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