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How To Maintain The Level Of Vitamin D In The Winter!

How To Maintain The Level Of Vitamin D In The Winter!

Vitamin D is definitely a miracle of molecules because it is proven to treat a range of diseases!

Studies have shown that vitamin D, which we bring the seafood and mushrooms, or the sun, significantly reduces the risk of cancer, bone fractures, diabetes, heart disease, and even depression, and anxiety.

But, winter is coming, and sunny days are almost a rare thing.

If you thought the supplements are a solution, the choice is fine.

However, that is a lot of costs and the possibility of contamination with heavy metals.

Danish scientists have discovered a much cheaper and easier way to supply a sufficient amount of vitamin D during the winter.

What should we do in order to get vitamin D?

The solution is to go outside and walk.

Yes, you read it right, it does not matter that there is no sun.

The researchers conducted a study of 55 adults aged between 18 and 65 years, during which they were exposed artificial light containing UV radiation.

That is the amount which would people absorb during the 10 minutes spent in a summer afternoon.

Each person was exposed to the light of the 88 percent of the body, everywhere except beneath the underwear.

Some people did that once a week, some every two or even once every four weeks.

The study lasted 16 weeks, after which were take the sample of the blood from participants and measured blood levels of vitamin D.

The conclusion is that it really does not take much to maintain vitamin D at a healthy level?

People who are being treated once a week with light had increased levels of vitamin D.

At the same time, those who practiced that kept the same levels that they had before.

However, we all know that the daily natural brightness is a lot healthier than artificial.

Therefore, experts have calculated that you need 2 hours and 20 minutes of walking at low winter sun.

On that way, you will provide to your body a sufficient amount of vitamin D.

Apply this technique and you will have multiple benefits.

Your body will be healthy and also you will reduce your weight if you have a habit for a long walk.

All about this essential vitamin, you can read our article for vitamin D.

DO not stay at your home during winter, go outside to maintain your level of this vitamin.



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