Mammogram Cause Breast Cancer – Video!



A mammogram is a lot of times recommendation from doctors that women need to do and check if they have a breast cancer.

And of course, many women do that because they believe to doctors.

They don`t know or they even don`t check what is a healthy and safe way of checking their health.

Mammogram is causing breast cancer. Period.

That was a sentence that Dr. Ben Johnson said about mammograms.

He discovers the great conspiracy from medical society about the secret of a mammogram.

Mammograms for women are not the healthiest way of checking if they have breast cancer.

If you do a mammogram you will have 4% increased the risk to get cancer and risk of dying.

Mammography is a terrible test.

You are smashing women`s breast and after you are irradiating them with cancer-causing radiation.

Plus mammogram is so insensitive.

It is about 52% sensitive-effective for women under 50 years of age.

That means that about half of the women which have breast cancer cannot be detected.

A mammogram is a terrible test and at the same time is causing breast cancer.

Ultrasound is a better option for detecting breast cancer than a mammogram.

Ultrasound can see the lump and can see its consistency.

Ultrasound can see where you have and where there is calcium in it.

In addition, ultrasound can see at blood flow, which is connected with tumors.

We all know that tumors are increasing the blood flow.

Plus sensitivity of ultrasound is around 80% that is much higher than a dangerous mammogram.

There is another way of screening our body and the breast.

If you are looking for prevention there is one device and process called thermography.

That is a process where nothing touch the women, smashes the breasts and there is no dangerous cancer-causing radiation.

Here is video and explanation about truth for mammograms by Dr. Ben Johnson.


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