How Man Cure Diabetes Without Drugs! One Decision Bring Immense Changes!


He changed one life habit to cure diabetes and also get excellent results after 7 days.

4 years ago one man accidently discovered that he had diabetes.

In fact, he constantly felt thirsty, so he decided to check what was going on.

When he went to the doctor, he was surprised.

His sugar level was 29 and also doctor told him that his pancreas was dead.

In addition, the doctor told him that he cannot live without insulin.

At that time, he was fine with that and also he regularly gave himself insulin.

At the same time, he plays some sports as an amateur.

However, he got other health problems.

Triglyceride levels are increased to 16, the pressure at 150/100.

Drinking the medication for diabetes and high blood pressure also became his routine.

However, two years ago he simply decided that he had enough of the disease and turned over a new leaf.

He watched the show on television, in which the doctor spoke about his experience – the raw food diet.

The truth is that he understood what this raw food diet can bring and also change his life.

He makes decision to fight diabetes

During the first 7 days, he had a lot of temptations, but he successfully passed all of them.

In a very short time, he had the first results – blood sugar dropped to 5.

He could not believe.

Of course, he decided himself not to give the insulin because it was logical that in such a food diet sugar should not grow.

He was thinking to take insulin if sugar starts to grow.

But all was well.

Soon, the pounds started to disappear.

Every day he had half a kilogram less.

For 25 days he lost 11 kilograms!

After 4 months of consumption raw foods, he becomes a completely different man.

In addition, he doesn`t use insulin, pressure is 120/70, triglycerides 1.4.

At the same time, he lost more than 20 pounds.

Further, he lives without a single tablet and feels fantastic!

His favorite drink

His favorite juice is 1 kale, 5 kiwis, 2 bananas, 1 apple and 1/2 a liter of water.

In the morning, he drinks a half of the juice and the other half during the day.

When he feels hungry, he eats fruits and fruit salads.

At the same time, he consumes tuna because the human organism has great needs from the vitamin B12.

Experts say that this regimen cannot harm you.

You do not feel hunger and also the brain does not know that the stomach is empty.

Human brain gets information from the blood, and in the blood, through a variety of fruits and vegetables are all the compounds you need.

This is one more natural way to fight diabetes and have a healthy life.

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