How To Measure Blood Pressure Properly! It’s Not Enough To Sit Down!

Blood Pressure

Blood pressure measurement for many is a compulsory part of everyday life, even several times.

But do you know to measure blood pressure properly?

It is not enough just to put the appliance on your arm and be silent.

There are several rules that must be met during pressure measurement in order to gain real value.

For starters, here’s what a person need to do:

You can measure the blood pressure when you lie down, sit, and stand.

When you sit, your arm should be bent at the elbow and raised to the level of the heart.

If a person is lying or standing, the hand needs to fall freely.

Also, it is very important that if the person is excited or upset, wait a few minutes to calm down.

Then you can start to measure the blood pressure.

Experience has shown that a regular appliance with pump and stethoscope (aneroid manometer) gives a much more accurate result than a digital manometer.

So if you need to make a daily pressure monitoring, it is a good idea to get a regular so-called aneroid manometer.

Measurement of pressure with aneroid manometer

Wrap the cuff bladder around the upper part above the elbow of the left arm.

That will be about 2 cm above the pit on the inside of the elbow.

People use more often the left arm because you can faster notice the pressure oscillations if you measure several times in a row.

Place and press gently the stethoscope`s bell on your brachial artery.

That is just below the lower edges of the elbow.

One part of the stethoscope needs to be covered.

Put the stethoscope in your ears and quickly inflate the cuff until you get 180mmHg.

Slowly lower the air and listen.

Simultaneously listen with your stethoscope and observe the sphygmomanometer.

When you hear the heartbeat for the first time, this is the value of your upper pressure.

When you hear the last beep, you have found the lowest pressure you have.

You can also read more about blood pressure measurement on practicalclinicalskills.

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