Mediterranean Diet Is The Healthiest Diet In The World! That Is Why The Greeks Do Not Have Pressure, Cholesterol, Or Excess Pounds!

Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean diet mainly focuses on the introduction of olive oil as an important source of useful fats.

In addition, this is the only one in the world that the World Health Organization has not found a flaw so far!

Simply, it’s the Mediterranean diet is the healthiest of all!

We present the basic principles of keeping up with the Mediterranean diet, as well as the foods that you need to avoid.

Mediterranean region is famous for its healthy recipes and eating habits.

In addition, those emphasize seasonal, traditionally prepared and completely natural products.

The diet associated with this region has been observed through various scientific studies since the 1970s.

At the same time, the researchers conclude that the population living in the Mediterranean has low obesity and chronic diseases.

Some of those diseases are diabetes, heart disease, and elevated cholesterol.

Mediterranean food includes cereals, legumes, beans, vegetables, fruits, and fish.

In addition, the cuisine around the Mediterranean Sea encourages eating less red meat and products from it.

The meat has a high percentage of fat, calories, and also cholesterol.

As a traditional diet, Mediterranean food intake reduces cholesterol levels and maintains a stable blood pressure.

At the same time, this Mediterranean diet is not depriving the body of the various essential nutrients it needs.

The term Mediterranean nutrition settled in the nutritionist’s speech.

In addition, for all who do not understand what it represents, these are the basic principles and rules of this type of diet.

So, Mediterranean diet and nutrition mean:

-1. Drink small amounts of yogurt and eat special types of cheese because they contain calcium

-2. Consuming integral cereals and starch, such as pasta, bread, rice, bulgur, bran, and also potatoes

-3. The use of fish, which is usually either grilled or cooked

You can eat fish several times a week.

Also, the most preferably are tuna, salmon, and mackerel, whilst completely avoiding fried fish

-4. Eat boiled eggs several times a week

-5. Eat red meat, but no more than once a week

-6. Eat two vegetarian dishes at least once a week

-7. Consumption of various types of legumes, vegetables, medicinal herbs, cereals, fresh fruit, in order to reduce LDL cholesterol in the body, which leads to weight loss

-8. Nuts are mandatory because they contain a high percentage of fat

Also besides them, hazelnuts and almonds are desirable, with the caution that they are not consumed excessively.

-9. Eat the boiled vegetables

-10. Always use olive oil instead of butter and other oils

-11. Eat fresh fruit instead of sweets

-12. Drink coffee and tea, but without sugar in moderate levels

Foods that are never on the menu of the Mediterranean diet:

-1. Processed food

-2. Fried food (French fries, chicken wings, all fried in deep oil)

-3. Fast food (pastries, grill, hamburgers, pizzas)

-4. Beverages with a high percentage of sugar

Those are various carbonated soft drinks and their dietary variants, as well as industrially produced juices.

-5. Sausages, hamburgers, and bacon (meat products)

– Cakes and cookies

– High-calorie meat products

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