Menopause! Natural Remedies For This Unpleasant Condition



Menopause is not a disease but a fully normal natural process.

Natural remedies may ease the discomfort that can realistically occur in quite a high percentage of women.

It is estimated that 70% of women going through the menopause with some unpleasant symptoms.

The most common symptoms are hot flashes (sudden hot flushes), night sweats, headaches, fatigue, insomnia, irritability and depression.

Menopause is inevitable and unpleasant condition

The cause of most symptoms is reduced level of estrogen.

Estrogen is a hormone that should be paid attention.

The use of herbs and foods that contain phytoestrogens are a real balm for menopause.

Menopause usually occurs women between 45 and 55 years of age.

That is definitely the time when, after a previously turbulent period of life, a woman should calm a little bit and need to devote her selves.

Since the menopause is inevitable and natural, it is better to look forward to the final cessation of menstruation and don`t despair.

A positive attitude brings positive results.

The unpleasant symptoms that this period during menopause can bring are treatable.

The most useful natural remedies unpleasant symptoms

-1. Evening primrose oil

Thanks to gamma-linolenic acid this oil affects the regulation of certain hormones and maintains optimal health of the female body during menopause.

Use the manufacturer`s instructions for how to drink this Evening primrose oil.

-2. Red clover

Flower of red clover is known as a rich source of phytoestrogens.

These are plant substances that are recommended as a natural replacement for modern hormone therapy because in our body acts very similarly as estrogen.

Phytoestrogens reduce the occurrence of hot flashes by about 40%, which make for many women in menopause definitely their life easier.

-3. Mistletoe

Through a long history of folk medicine plant mistletoe proved to be an excellent natural remedy for controlling many important functions in the body, which includes the regulation of hormonal disorders.

Mistletoe had a very broad spectrum of action and women in the menopause can be of significant help.

Mistletoe besides affecting the regulation of hormones, regulates blood circulation, blood pressure, relieves headaches, insomnia, fatigue, feelings of apathy, which are all possible symptoms of menopause.

For preparing harmless mistletoe-healing potion is necessary the knowledge and experience from a professional person.

The best is to buy a mistletoe-healing potion in specialized stores and then strictly adhere to the instructions for use.

Since this herb has a powerful effect DO NOT exceed the prescribed dose.

The best is consulting your doctor before starting this therapy.

-4. Ginseng

This herb is known as the elixir of youth because it slows down the aging process.

Ginseng has the positive effects on many functions in the body and  in addition to containing and plant estrogens.

Generally speaking, ginseng is another very helpful natural remedy for menopause because it facilitates many health problems that are peculiar for people of middle and old age.

-5. Calcium and vitamin D

At the time of menopause, women often lead to the lack of calcium what can gradually lead to osteoporosis (loss of bone mass).

In order to avoid this, it is recommended an additional intake of calcium.

The usually amount of calcium for women body is about 1500 mg per day.

Along with calcium, women should take vitamin D because it raises the body’s ability to bind calcium in the bones.

Remember that osteoporosis is not only a symptom but a progressive bone disease.

-6. Pay attention to food

As We always emphasize, pay attention to food because the food is medicine.

In this case, it`s recommended legumes, soy (in moderate quantities) and seeds.

It does not exist a food that should be strictly avoided during menopause except those that are globally classified as harmful.

If you have not deleted your tickets with drinks and menus, menopause is an excellent reason and time to do that.

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