Microwave Is Widely Used! The Cause Cancer And Obesity!


Do you know the real side of a microwave?

Consumers around the world are dying because they eat unhealthy food and not only unhealthy but irradiated and completely dead.

In Russia, for example, microwave ovens have been banned since 1976.

That’s because they did not want to just “kill” their people as the rest of the Western world.

Later, however, Russian government approves them by the pressure of the Western world.

In addition, people in Russia continue to refuse to use them into their homes.

Microwaves are prohibited due to a large number of scientific studies that have proven their enormous harmfulness.

Do you know that we are the unhealthiest mammals on this planet?

That is because people today do not eat the food, but a pure poison.

The microwave oven is an integral part of almost every household.

Moreover, a lot of people almost do not know that this item is harmful.

What is a microwave?

A microwave is a tool that perfectly healthy pieces of raw food, full of natural ingredients and vitamins make completely worthless and also food with no nutrients in it.

Also, not only that, Microwave has irradiated that worthless food.

Therefore, instead, we eat food rich in vitamins people today do exactly the opposite.

They consciously kill nutritional value of their food and to something that is not food.

At the same time, they bring that worthless food into the body.

The invention of this unhealthy tool and its mass adoption by the people coincides with the starting of obesity.

At the same time, it has more cancer in developed countries.

The microwaves become suitable for consumption of food that encourages obesity.

Also, it`s destroying almost all the useful ingredients of these foods, leaving consumers unable to consume healthy food.

The microwave oven radiates!

In addition, people do not know that they cannot be around this tool when it is “On”.

That radioactive radiation causes many diseases, such as cancer and various cysts.

The result of the mass distribution of those ovens is, of course, what we are all witnesses today:

– An epidemic of diabetes

– Increasing number of cancerous diseases

– Heart disease


Kidney damage

Liver disorders and more

The combination of malnutrition and exposure to toxic chemicals and irradiated food are a cause of all these diseases.

This dangerous oven allows malnutrition automatically and is easy to achieve exposure to harmful toxic chemicals.

That’s why you need to avoid eating food which you prepare in this dangerous oven.

The food from the microwave oven is with radiation and that is why you need to forget this oven.

It is interesting that the people who speak that they will never eat food with radiation, they use microwave ovens.

This only tells us how many people are unaware of the substances that they put into the body.

Scientists call microwave rays originally “radar rays”.

Also, when those rays are presented to the public in 1970, they proudly advertised the as radar beam and nobody was suspicious?

Bombarding of food with dangerous radiation rays nowadays is completely common for most people and that is what is very worrisome.

A microwave is a tool of the living dead

People who use this oven are every day exposing to degenerative diseases.

They are also life-long struggling with obesity and rapid death.

Whenever you use this dangerous oven, your condition will get worse.

Also, probably you will get various diseases and you will become addicted to drugs.

Do yourself a favor and throw your microwave oven.

You can make and also warm up the food in a conventional oven.

It will last longer, but it is worth for the health and life.

Do not fall and be a victim to the propaganda.

If you do not think for yourselves, who else will?

Here are some of the latest scientific information`s about food from the microwave oven:

– Food from this ovens lose 60-90% of the vital energy field

– The rays from this oven accelerate structural disintegration of foods

– Creates a carcinogen in milk and cereal

– Degrades the basic materials from foods, causing indigestion

– Changes the chemistry of food which can lead to interference in the human lymphatic system

–  It`s disrupting the body’s ability to protect against occurrence of cancer

– Food from this oven is leading to a large number of cancer cells in the bloodstream

– Microwave oven changes the break-up of natural substances when you expose raw or frozen vegetables even briefly

– It`s forming free radicals

– Food from this dangerous oven causes stomach and intestinal growths, cancerous growths

– It cause general degeneration of peripheral tissues and cells

– Also, cause collapse of the digestive system and the system for secretion at people

– Food from this oven reduces the body’s ability to use the B-complex vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin E, essential minerals …

This twice before you buy or start to use this dangerous tool in your kitchen.

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