Millions Do Not Know They Have Herpes! Symptoms Are Similar To Flu But This Is A Very Dangerous Disease!


More than 80 percent of people with herpes have symptoms of nausea, fever and also muscle pain.

Those are symptoms in the first stages of infection, say experts from the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

It is believed that these symptoms are the result of an immune system trying to attack the virus.

Otherwise, herpes is a very common sexually transmitted disease.

In addition, it is believed that only 40 million people in America do not know that they have this disease.

Therefore, experts point out that it is very important to recognize symptoms of this disease.

This dangerous disease can be under control and also there are natural ways to prevent and treat this disease.

Herpes simplex causes two viruses.

The first one is HSV type 1, which most commonly cause blisters or face inflammation.

The second one is HSV type 2, a more common form of the genital disease.

It is estimated that about 90 percent of people infected with HSV type 2 viruses have never received this diagnosis.

Particularly, the reason is that most have only mild symptoms that can be attributed to something else by mistake.

At the same time, there is no symptom, so this disease “passes” unknowingly.

When the symptoms occur, it is usually between five and ten days after the skin’s skin contact with somebody who already has a virus.

This you need to know about Herpes

The most common early signs of this disease are pain during urination and also burning in genitals.

In addition, there are flu-like symptoms.

This may include:

– Fever

– Nausea

– A headache

– Muscle pain

– Lymph node swelling

– Feeling of exhaustion, etc.

That is, experts say, an attempt by the immune system to respond to the virus.

For example, fever raises body temperature, which may help to deactivate the virus.

When the immune system detects infection, it activates and also increases the number of white blood cells.

In addition, it activates and other systems that cause inflammation that which can lasts few days.

In later stages of infection, people get painful blisters that usually appear on genitals.

This condition can last up to three weeks.

If you do not treat this disease, the blister may reappear on genitals.

Additionally, if not treated, herpes may increase the risk of a person becoming infected with HIV or some other sexually transmitted diseases.

Also, if you don`t treat, herpes can cause complications in women during pregnancy.

In addition, herpes may potentially lead to brain damage.

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