Mint! World`s Popular Plant!


Mint, thanks to its distinctive smell is one of the most popular plants on the planet.

For example, modern industries engage this ingredient the production of toothpaste and chewing gum.

People cannot longer imagine those products without the use of mint or peppermint, as they call it in the United Kingdom.

The Latin name for this herb is Mentha piperita.

In fact, there are many types of this herb.

Of the many types of aromatic and medicinal plants, the most important role is playing angry mint.

This ingredient is a creation by crossing three species of wild mint.

It is one of the most curative ones and also the most aromatic specimens of this species.

It is a perennial plant and can grow to a height of 50 cm.

Essential oil of peppermint contains menthol and Menthon.

This plant particularly beneficial effect on the digestive system and eliminates many ailments of the stomach.

The ingredients from this herb stimulate bile secretion, relieves spasms incurred as a result of stone or sand in the bile, soothes stomach cramps and intestines, calms irritation, which makes the vomiting.

The essential oil menthol acts as an analgesic (pain calms down), so it can be applied as a local anesthetic.

It is therefore often used as a muscle relaxant.

It works on sensitive receptors in the mouth and throat, thereby quickly evaporates, thus causing a cooling sensation.

This herb today occupies an important place when it comes to oral hygiene.

It refreshes and instantly eliminates bad breath, like no other plant.

Mint for relaxing and stop a headache

The plant mint is a good source of various minerals in the first place potassium.

It also contains calcium, iron, magnesium and manganese.

Since vitamin can boast vitamin C, E, K, B6, vitamin A and beta carotene.

Do not forget to medicinal purposes it is best to use young leaves from the top of the stem and is harvested in June and July, respectively at the time of flowering.

During the summer, tea from this plant will come good as a refreshing drink.

From this herb, you can do and very tasty juice.

This herb is also application and as a seasoning for fruit salads, cocktails, juices, and meals that people prepare from legumes.

In addition, folk medicine mint tea gladly recommended for suppression of nervous tension, headaches, coughs, colds, hoarseness, nausea, flatulence and stomach cramps in the womb.

Mint TeaRefreshing Tea mint:

– 1-liter water

– 3-5 mint tea bags

Lemon juice

– A few ice cubes

Boiled 1 liter of water and add 3-5 mint tea bags.

Sweetened with honey if you like and leave to cool at room temperature.

Cooled drink transferred to a bottle of glass and store in the refrigerator.