A Miracle Of Life! This Video Is Showing 9 Months Of Life In The Womb! It Is Just Breathtaking!

MIracle Of Life

MIracle Of Life

Have you ever ask yourself or was interested in a miracle of life?

How this miracle of life – baby develops for 9 months fully and rapidly in her mother`s womb?

Well, this is an amazing short video that is demonstrating this mind-blowing process in our body for all of us to witness.

A miracle of life is amazing gift of Mother Nature evolution

It is amazing how a baby grows quickly inside the womb for the time when you notice that you are pregnant.

At your 9 weeks pregnancy, the baby is a grape – sized and has already formed a noticeably human shape.

By baby`s 14 weeks, it has tripled in size and can frown and squint.

At your 28 weeks of pregnancy, the baby which has already the size of an eggplant is starting to see a light that is coming from the outside world.

More About This Miracle Of Life

The First Trimester

After the fertilization and implantation, this miracle of life is just an embryo.

It`s just 2 layers of cells from which all our body parts and organs will develop.

It`s growing quickly and the size of a miracle of life is like a kidney bean and is moving constantly.

The baby`s heart is beating fast and baby`s intestines are forming.

Your budding daughter or son`s eyelids, earlobes, nose and mouth are taking shape.

The Second Trimester

At this period, your baby`s weight is about 1 ½ oz and is about 3 ½ inches long.

Unique and tiny fingerprints are in place and the heart of this miracle pumps 25 quarts of blood per day.

As this period go by, the baby`s skeleton begin to harden and transforming from rubbery cartilage to baby`s bone.

In addition, at this time baby has the ability to hear.

You can also fell flutters and kicks.

The Third Trimester

At the beginning of this period, your baby`s weight is about 2 ¼ pounds.

This miracle of life can also blink with the eyes.

Their wrinkled skin is beginning to smooth out because they put on your baby fat.

They are also developing real hair (or some peach fuzz), toenails and fingernails.

In addition, the baby is adding at this time billions of neurons to the brain.

At the end, the average baby has the length more than 19 inches and weights about 7 pounds.

NOTE: During the pregnancy is important to consume healthy ingredients and vitamins for your and baby`s development and also for a mother to increase their breast milk.

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