Miracle Of Chinese Medicine! Massage This Point Every Day, The Results Will Thrilled You

Massage This Point

Massage This Point

The reflexology is the technique of massaging that dates back even 4000 B.C. from Chine were the technique of massage was used to heal specific ailments and promote better health.

Ancient healers understood how our entire body is working and is everything correlated inside our body.

Through the time, they realized that by massaging and pressing specific points on our body could cleanse our organs, improve the blood flow and can even help and cure some specific problems.

Massage this point and enjoy benefits

There are numerous of touch points on our body.

Which touch point helps with sleep and stress?

One touch point can help you to sleep better, helps relieve stress and relieves cramps and aches which are typically associated with menstruation.

The name of this massage point is San Yin Jiao spot or SP6.

The spot San Yin Jiao or SP6 is one important touch point for Chinese medicine.

In fact, is an important place more precisely for healers that use acupuncture.

This touch point is located inside of the lower legs.

Massage this point is very useful for women because they are more prone to lack of sleep, chronic fatigue and stress.

When women massage this point will help to look better and is particularly useful.

Massage this point benefits:

-1. The elasticity of your skin

When you massage this point it contributes for a better elasticity and health of your skin and will encourage the work of your spleen.

-2. Stimulate sexual desires

When you massage this point it will boost your sexual desires, help women reclaim the sensuality and will resolve hormonal problems.

-3. Bring stability to your gastrointestinal tract

When you massage SP6 it will solve digestive issues and eliminate bloating.

-4. The stimulation of the uterus and ovaries

It`s stimulating the function of the uterus and ovaries and can be useful for women which are trying to get pregnant.

-5. Menstrual cycle

Massage this point will enhance the women`s menstrual cycle.

In addition, it can release menstrual pain.

The massage technique

The first thing that you need to do is to find San Yin Jiao or SP6 point on the body.

It`s very important and necessary to define the right location of this point so you can know at which place you can start with this massage.

You need to place four fingers above your ankle, on the inside of your leg.

This important point should be smaller than the index finger.

Now, you need to press the area behind your shins and start the massage.

Massage this point about 10 min. whenever you have a free time, however, it`s recommended to do this in the evening.

When you are regularly repeating this massage you are getting the best results.

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