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MISTLETOE – An ornament but also and natural healer

MISTLETOE – An ornament but also and natural healer

Mistletoe Berries
Mistletoe grows as an evergreen shrub that is using tiny roots spread by deciduous trees, firs, pines and fruit trees.

Her pumps penetrate into the wood where they suck juices nutrients, although owing to its own chlorophyll and sunlight itself capable of feeds.

The stem is woody, yellow-green, and this remains even during winter. From the stem is growing out yellowish flowers.

This magnificent herb is blooming in the early spring, and the fruits ripen in winter or early next year.

The fruit is tender and transparent, globular berry, wrapped with a solid membrane that covers slimy, sticky mass and one to three light-green seeds.

Mistletoe is not just Christmas ornament

It`s few plants which in the past was attributed many medicinal properties and symbolic meanings as mistletoe.

The old Germans and Gauls celebrated as a holy plant.

Hippocrates and Pliny considered it an effective remedy against vertigo, tumors and epilepsy.

In the Middle Ages St. Hildegard advised the mistletoe against heart disease.

Known phytotherapist, Pastor Kneipp used it against the bleeding, circulatory diseases and female disorders.

In England and the USA is even now an indispensable Christmas and New Year decoration.

Mistletoe contains green resin, essential oil, fatty oil, rubber, wax, flavonic heterosides and others.

The medicinal properties of mistletoe

Professionally prepared in small potencies, the most precious is the regulator of blood pressure, heart rate, circulation, metabolism, hormonal disorders and other words of all processes in the body.

Mistletoe is a natural cure for headaches, dizziness, spasms, anguish of heart failure, angina pectoris, arteriosclerosis, fatigue, fear, loss of will and similar.

Mistletoe has a diuretic action, promotes urination, so it is very useful in cases of urinary retention, rheumatism, urinary stones, kidney ailments and the like.

As in the past, and today is used for epilepsy, hysteria, chronic spasms, asthma, external and internal bleeding.

In addition, mistletoe is effective and degenerative inflammatory joint disease, sclerosis, menopausal problems, cleans the blood, stimulates the work of the pancreas, help with insomnia and noise in the ears.

Once upon a time mistletoe was used in the treatment of tumors in the present time is used as a drug that protects against cancer and acts anticancer.

In any case, had refined the body and helps to fight against various diseases.

NOTE: It`s not recommended for own mistletoe preparations for medicine because it is toxic in excessive amounts. Especially dangerous are her berries.

The official medicine considers mistletoe toxic or harmful plant.

Folk medicine, however, does not hesitate to use mistletoe berries, prepared in different ways.

Moreover, the story is that some raw mistletoe berries our people give even to children for strengthen.

What is completely verified is its effectiveness to beat blood pressure. Using herbal extracts with mistletoe in lowering blood pressure in a natural way, you will achieve the desired effects.


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