Home Health Mix Vinegar And Alcohol! Ear Pain Disappears In 60 Seconds!
Mix Vinegar And Alcohol! Ear Pain Disappears In 60 Seconds!

Mix Vinegar And Alcohol! Ear Pain Disappears In 60 Seconds!

The unpleasant and also unbearable ear pain can disappear with the help of the medicines from the kitchen.

The cerumen or earwax is a yellowish resinous material that is excreted in the ear canal.

Earwax secretes the ceruminous glands that every one of us has in the ear.

The role of earwax is to keep the ear’s interior safe from dirt, dust, and bacteria.

However, most people find it unnecessary and unhygienic.

In addition, almost all of the people regularly clean their ears.

Ear sticks or hygiene sticks are most commonly used to clean the ear of cerumen.

At the same time, you have to know that the hygiene sticks are not effective.

On the contrary, they push the bacteria to the inside of the ear and on that way, they will make more problems to the ears.

In addition, everyone needs to know that we can naturally remove the excess wax by chewing or speaking.

Sometimes, ear pain can lead to unpleasant symptoms such as:

– Headaches

Sinus problems

– Earaches

Hearing problems

– Also, sometimes can cause dizziness

Natural solution for your ear pain

Fortunately, Dr. David Hill has found a natural solution to remove earwax.

At the same time, you will eliminate unpleasant and unbearable ear pain.

He also claims that a mixture of white vinegar (you can use an Apple Cider Vinegar – ACV) and alcohol can help.

Only a small amount of this natural mixture that you have at your home is enough.

Mix a small quantity of white vinegar or ACV with alcohol.

Apply a few drops of the mixture to your ear and lean your head to the opposite side for 60 seconds.

Then return to normal position and the ear wax will come out of your ear.

This natural remedy will certainly help and your ears will be cleaned like they should be.

Also, you will save yourself from unbearable ear pain.

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