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Monk Reveal Recipe And Cures Cancer!

Monk Reveal Recipe And Cures Cancer!

Franciscan monk and teacher Romano Zago served in Brazil and there he saw that people use one plant that cures cancer.

In addition, this plant was quickly and easily recovering people from various illnesses.

After that, Romano devoted himself to studying this plant and spent 20 years in this business.

Also, the Franciscan monk for years has been studying the herbaceous plant and has created a special remedy for which he claims that, among other things, prevents and also cures cancer.

He also published a book entitled “Cancer Can Be Cured”.

He also explains that people use different types of aloe plant for different illnesses.

After Brazil, he continued with the relocation in Bethlehem.

According to the testimonies of Father Romano Zago and his many patients he cures a lot of people from:

Breast cancer

– Laryngeal cancer

– Uterus cancer

– Prostate cancer

– Brain cancer

Colon cancer

– Bladder cancer

– Bone cancer

– Leukemia, etc.

The recipe that cures cancer

Ingredients that you need for the recipe:

– 300 grams of Aloe arborescens – you can also use Aloe Vera with similar properties but is weaker

– 500 grams of organic honey

– 5 tablespoons of alcoholic beverage (stronger)

Preparation of the recipe:

For this recipe is recommended aloe arborescens.

Try to find this kind of aloe.

Remove thorns from the leaves, cut into pieces and insert into a blender.

Add natural honey and also teaspoons of alcoholic beverage.

The alcoholic beverage is to better absorb the remedy at the capillary level when consumed.

If you do not consume alcohol, use natural apple cider vinegar in the same ratio.

Blend all ingredients together for about 2-3 minutes.

Put mixture into the glass bottle, which you will hold only in the fridge.

Consumption of the recipe:

Take 1-2 tablespoons at least half an hour before eating three times a day.

Do not forget also to stir the bottle well before using it.

At the beginning take 1 tablespoon three times a day.

Afterwards, you can increase the dose on two tablespoons.

The remedy that cures cancer is sufficient for 10-12 days of use.

Drink it all.

After this dose, you need also take a break of 10 days.

You can also repeat the treatment if you need.

You can use this way of treatment together with western medical therapies.

The 10-day break is due to the mild toxicity the plant possesses.

However many people use this remedy that cures cancer without pauses.

Share this recipe with your friends and family members.

Source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19368145






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