Morning Breakfast With These Simple Recipes

Morning Breakfast Quinoa Breakfast Bowl



Morning Breakfast Quinoa Breakfast BowlI’m sure you have heard it said, over and over again, that a healthy breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but do you know why?  When you wake up from a restful night, your stomach is empty, and all energy resources are depleted.  Imagine that your vehicle will not function properly unless it is fueled.  The same condition goes on with our body – it needs fuel to function properly.  For instance, your brain feeds on glucose (sugar) but is unable to store it.  It is for this reason that the body must be fed at regular intervals – especially the first meal of the day when sugar levels are at their lowest.

It`s always the best to have good morning breakfast

Glucose is also important for feeding your muscles, and keeping your physical being energized all day long.  You might be thinking that a donut or another type of sugary pastry is a good idea to get the sugar spike you are seeking. The reality is, you will have a short-lived sugar spike that will be followed by a severe drop in glucose. This will leave you to feel hungry, and increases the potential to gain excess weight.  Breakfast that consists of a cup of Java and a donut has no nutritional value, and worse it is filled with stimulants that provide you with a false sense of true energy. Within 60 minutes, your body is looking for another sugar rush, which will also crash, and so on.

Your body is breaking down, and you do not realize it.  The pancreas is being overworked, and insulin resistance will become prevalent.  Insulin resistance will lead to obesity, and then diabetes and other dangerous diseases.  Body pain will increase, and there will be no joint pain relief in sight.  Also, the adrenal glands will burn out quickly, because they are constantly being overstimulated.  To break this vicious and dangerous cycle, you simply need to change the type of foods you are consuming.  Below are a few quick and easy breakfast ideas that will get you on the right track, to feeling satisfied and energized all day long.

Green Smoothie

Morning Breakfast Green SmoothiesThis incredible breakfast should take less than 15 minutes to prepare, and it is a great “on the go” meal.  It is packed with your recommended daily dose of fruits and vegetables.  In a blender, put a liquid base (water or milk), then add your greens (kale and spinach is recommended), about a handful of fresh or frozen berries should then be added.  You can stop there and blend or add some extras, such as a teaspoon of coconut oil, ground flax seeds, peanut butter or protein powder.  To get the consistency of your liking, add more liquid if necessary.  These shakes can be prepared the night before, so they are ready to grab and go in the morning.

You can get off the seemingly endless roller coaster, and feel energized all day long.  By choosing the right foods to start your day, and incorporating healthy lifestyle fitness into your routine, you are making an excellent investment in your future.  Below is another delicious breakfast choice, and this is an excellent option for people who enjoy a bowl of oatmeal or hot grits in the morning.

Quinoa Breakfast Bowl

Quinoa is a seed, not a grain as many people believe.  It is an excellent source of healthy fat and a perfectly packed protein option.  If you commonly eat grits or oatmeal on a regular basis, then quinoa will be a natural alternative.  This special breakfast bowl is easy to make and quick to prepare.

The main ingredients to this recipe call for cooked quinoa and fruit (such as berries or a green apple), to add just the right amount of morning sweetness.  A few topping/add-on suggestions include cinnamon, coconut oil, chia or ground flax seeds (which will add a boost of Omega 3 nutrition).


These two basic breakfast ideas are easy to prepare and are full of nutrition, and they can be modified in a variety of ways.  The ingredients suggested in these recipes will keep your metabolism burning all day, keep your blood flowing throughout your body, so fatigue will not set in until bedtime, and they will also keep your mind alert and sharp.  Eggs are also a great way to start your day; you can boil them and take them on the go, or whip up a great omelet chock full of fresh vegetables.

After good morning breakfast, it`s always good to have morning coffee.


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