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Natural Elixir Shilajit And His Secretly Healing Powers

Natural Elixir Shilajit And His Secretly Healing Powers

Natural Elixir Shilajit has a long tradition and is considered to be in use for 3,000 years.

Half a century ago, natural elixir shilajit was in the modern laboratories as interesting cartwheel scientific research.

After checking has proven its multitude of traditional therapeutic properties, and, therefore, it is considered that natural elixir shilajit:

– Strengthens the immune system

– Extremely well regenerate bone mass in the case of fractures

– Maintains healthy bones, cartilage, joints, and muscle

– Prevents osteoporosis

– Has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-allergic effect

– Slows the aging body and spirit

– At the same time, improves bioavailability and activity of herbal medicines

– Encourages the transport of nutrients on their way through the body

– Increases physical strength and endurance of the body

– Also, acts as an antioxidant

– Thanks to the strong regenerative effect natural elixir shilajit have a beneficial effect, on the whole, organism

On the basis of everything, it is obvious that the ancients without modern knowledge and technology of today come to a good conclusion when they gave him the name “body guard” because he really is.

Natural elixir shilajit is a versatile, natural biological regenerator, and in many cases the regulator with a wide range of activities.

So far natural elixir shilajit is demonstrating a favorable effect on the immune system, metabolic, and regenerating processes.

It accelerates the process of regeneration of nerve cells, muscle, and other tissues.

This Natural Elixir shilajit – an ancient mountain balm has a beneficial effect on the liver and it is known that it is a very important organ for the purification of the body.

Experiments in which participate, athletes, show that natural elixir shilajit as much as 20% increases their ability to withstand strenuous workout, without harmful effects on the body.

In addition, 25% accelerates the process of recovery from fatigue.

It does sound like a natural elixir shilajit – “magic potion” because it raises the performance of athletes and at the same time completely dissolves (do not leave traces in the body), so it cannot detect, unlike all sorts of banned substances.

So use natural elixir shilajit in the sport and is not prohibited.

Natural elixir shilajit well-known healing through centuries

Although in the Middle Ages, due to inaccessible places where there was also the manner in which it was created, natural elixir shilajit as medicine was very mystical, today he is just one of the many natural supplements with affordable price.

With us, you can find the weight of the original raw natural elixir shilajit but is purified (separated from the soil, sand, lime and similar impurities) prepared for sale in a variety of forms, quite accessible.

NOTE: Although it is a natural product, natural elixir shilajit is not entirely harmless.

Since it acts as a general bio-stimulator on and raises blood pressure, so it should not be used by those who already have high blood pressure.

Caution for those suffering from hyperthyroidism (an elevated thyroid) and the like.

Natural elixir shilajit is strictly forbidden to anyone who has cancer because both stimulate the growth of all cells, thus stimulating the growth of cancer cells.

It is forbidden for hemophiliacs and all those who are preparing for any surgical operation because the blood is diluted.

This means that interferes with blood clotting, the stop of the bleeding is necessary for normal wound healing.

In other cases, natural elixir shilajit is safe for use only in strictly limited prescribed amounts.

Of course, you can use it in a shorter period of time.

The smartest way is after 15 days to make a break for the 10 days.

Excessive and prolonged use can easily lead to agitation, kidney stones or gall bladder.

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