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Why You Need To Pee In The Shower!

Why You Need To Pee In The Shower!

They say there are two kinds of people: those who pee in the shower and those who lie.

Do not hesitate to pee in the shower

There are six reasons for you, which is why it is more than desirable to pee in the shower:

– 1. Literally, you save the planet

The US Environmental Protection Agency has announced that urination in the shower will save up to 27% of the water flow.

That is because you do not have let the water go into the toilet bowl.

– 2. Disinfects the wound

If you have scratching or fine scars, the urine may help with their disinfection.

It cleanses the wound and, on the other hand, relieves pain and relaxes the tissue.

If the wound is more serious, it is also advisable to go to the doctor.

– 3. Skin care

The urine is good for rash or eczema.

Urea is the active ingredient in many creams and also skin oils.

In addition, the pH value of the skin in balance and is excellent for the dry and sensitive skin.

– 4. It can also eliminate fungus

Urine treats those ugly and also boring fungal infections on the foot.

The best way of urination is to urinate on the skin affected by the fungus.

You will be surprised by the result, which you will also see in a few days.

– 5. Your personal bathroom will also stay cleaner

Your toilet seat and the toilet rim can also get especially gross from your bad aim and backsplash.

At the same time, instead of using your toilet you can pee during the shower.

On that way, it is not important where you pee, everything is washed down, and your toilet seat will stay cleaner.

– 6. It is also good for your hygiene

Whenever you use toilet paper you can infect your intimate area.

Producing the toilet paper it`s not the same as producing medicine and foods.

Companies don`t use the same environmental protection for toilet paper as they use for medicine and food.

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