Nettle Healing Soup! Mandatory Food Of This Spring! (RECIPE)


Nettle is blooming from spring to autumn and an excellent addition to pasta and rice.

Of course, one of the most popular is nettle healing soup.

In any meal that you prepare, you do not need to cook too long this herb.

Moreover, it’s enough to cook it for just two minutes.

In that way, you will maximally preserve the nutritional and also medicinal properties.

There are many reasons why it is good to eat nettle.

Nettle health benefits

Let’s just list some:

– It improves the functioning of the digestion system

– Also, it performs the detoxification of the organism

– This plant is good for cleansing the blood

– Also is good for cleansing the kidneys

– Acts positively on the pancreas

– Helps to lower blood sugar

– Treats the urinary tract inflammation

– Stimulates the work of the intestines

– It also acts as a diuretic

This natural and healthy plant also contains vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, potassium, iron, phosphorus, and other vitamins and minerals.

Nettle tea people also use for treating:

– Liver diseases

– Bladder diseases

Sleep disturbances

– Stomach cramps


– Lung diseases, etc.

If you decide to use this widespread jewel for yourself, do not collect it if it’s near the road or other places where there is a risk of pollution.

We also recommend you to wear gloves if you collect this plant.

Also, irrespective of its medicinal properties, do not consume this herb fresh since it can cause problems with the system of varnishing and redness of the skin.

Recipe for the excellent nettle soup

This healthy soup is so easy to prepare and is also excellent for children as well.

Ingredients that you need  for four people:

– 300 grams of nettle

– 5 medium-sized potatoes

– A few drops of olive oil

Sea salt

Black pepper

Preparation of the recipe:

-1. Cut potatoes into quarters and cook them.

-2. Before the end, you can add nettle and cook all ingredients together for extra 2 minutes.

-3. Add olive oil and mix well with a mixer.

-4. Spice as desired.

Share this recipe with your friends and also family members.

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