Home Health A New Disease Super Gonorrhea Can Be Greater Threat Than Cancer! Do You Have These Symptoms?
A New Disease Super Gonorrhea Can Be Greater Threat Than Cancer! Do You Have These Symptoms?

A New Disease Super Gonorrhea Can Be Greater Threat Than Cancer! Do You Have These Symptoms?

Super Gonorrhea

British Institute of Public Health gave warning of the emergence of a rare kind of sexually transmitted illness – super gonorrhea.

Scientists have issued a first warning to GPs in reply to this untreatable type of gonorrhea.

A new type called super gonorrhea has shown up

This type of gonorrhea is resistant to known antibiotic treatments to patients with this disease.

The outbreak started in Leeds and there are other cases in Scunthorpe, Macclesfield and Oldham.

There are patients which reported that have sexual partners from some other areas of England.

All these cases of super gonorrhea are transmitted through the heterosexual intercourse.

Usually, gonorrhea is treated by taking simultaneously 2 different antibiotics: azithromycin and ceftriaxone.

Super gonorrhea is resistant to antibiotic azithromycin and, therefore, is untreatable at this moment.

Dame Sally Davies – the chief medical officer has written to pharmacists and GPs to be sure that are giving the correct medicine in response to the outbreak.

If the patient is prescribed with only one antibiotic, he will not get better.

Therefore, this disease can develop a resistance to antibiotics and can transform to super gonorrhea.

In March, the British Broadcasting Corporation – BBC discovered that several online pharmacies were sold just one-half of the treatment to many patients.

Both, tablet course and an injection are needed to cure gonorrhea.

It has been sold just tablets (azithromycin) and that is a reason why the azithromycin-resistant type has formed.

Super gonorrhea is an illness which is still untreatable and doesn`t have a cure.

Super Gonorrhea can be the greater threat than cancer

If the disease becomes resistant to the antibiotic, it becomes incurable and its expansion might be very difficult (impossible) to stop.

Currently, there are no known consequences of the disease, but it has been found that can cause infertility.

“Antibiotic resistance will for humanity to become a greater threat of cancer,” said George Osborne of Institute of Public Health in England.

The fear of the spread of the disease forced the medical experts to find and trace all the sexual partners of persons who discovered this kind of gonorrhea.

The spread of this disease, that is resistant to azithromycin, is a great concern for experts and they are trying to find treatment to stop it.

If experts fail, super gonorrhea can be dangerous not only for individuals.

It is a new danger for the whole society – greater than cancer“, is an explanation of experts.

Symptoms of gonorrhea usually develop within two weeks of infection, but sometimes can pass several months.

Symptoms in women

-1. Pain or burning sensation when urinating

-2. An unusual vaginal discharge which may be watery and greenish or yellowish

-3. Pain or tenderness in the lower abdomen

-4. Bleeding between periods, in more severe cases and bleeding after sex

Symptoms in men

-1. Pain or burning sensation when urinating

-2. Unusual discharge from the penis, which can be white, yellow or green colors

-3. Rarely can occur and pain or tenderness in the testicles


Source: www.independent.co.uk





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