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Noni! Discover The Unknown Powerful Fruit!

Noni! Discover The Unknown Powerful Fruit!

Noni plant (Latin name: Morinda citrifolia) is a remarkable gift of Mother Nature with almost incredible healing properties.

It is originating from the Pacific islands and is especially respectable in Hawaii.

It is known that in this part of the world is an integral part of many traditional medicines.

Noni is the world known as Indian mulberry, great morinda, cheese fruit, and beach mulberry.

The local folk healers, from the ancient time, treat and cure almost any disease with this plant.

And this truth is not very far from it.

Incredible Noni is surprising the world

Noni belongs to the same family of plants as coffee (Rubiaceae).

It is a natural stimulant – as is well-known, and black coffee, but in a completely different way.

This wild plant does not require any care and unselfishly gives birth and bears fruit throughout the year.

The vintage of this fruit is lasting 12 months.

Until recently, the rest of the world did not even know that somewhere far away exist this fruit.

It`s because Noni has never seen nor heard anything about it.

However, it`s time to conquer the whole world with its healing properties.

The juice from this fruit is becoming increasingly popular.

The healing properties of the Noni plant

Noni is the source of many active substances.

Those active substances have generally positive effect on the body.

It has anti-inflammatory, through the stimulus, analgesic, and lots more.

In this fruit is hidden 18 amino acids, a lot of antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals.

Based on these facts Noni is considered a medicinal plant with huge capacity.

This fruit has various phytotherapeutic properties.

So, today, from a variety of sources we can hear or read that this fruit can treat or relieve many health problems:

– Bacterial inflammation

– Viral inflammation


– Asthma and breathing difficulty

– Arthritis

– Diabetes



– Constipation

Sleep disturbances

– Lack of energy


– Gum disease

– Pain (acts as an analgesic and sedative)

In addition, it has positive effects on:

– Strengthening of immunity

– Regulation of blood pressure

– Regulation of the menstrual cycle

– The concentration

– Sexuality

– Building Muscle

– General well-being

Based on past experience it seems that regular use of Noni really also helps to maintain general good health.

In addition, it reduces the risk of infection.

This plant causes more interest than other medicinal plants because can fight cancer.

In addition, it contains an enzyme pro-xeronine.

Pro-xeronine is otherwise one of the two substances that the human body allows the process of building up a very important matter – xeronine.

Xeronine has a very important role in the immune system.

In addition, is in the process of regeneration of molecules in cells.

It is, therefore, an alkaloid that:

– Strengthens the body’s immune system

– Help to damaged cells regenerates quickly and better

– Stimulates metabolism in the body.

The lack of xeronine significantly increases the risk of various diseases.

Pro-xeronine is discovered by Dr. Ralph Heinicke in the last century.

However, this substance is still not receiving the official recognition.

Therefore, we can expect some “miracles” from the Noni.

A doctor Ralph Heinicke also claimed that pro-xeronine has the potential to heal a wide range of diseases.

These diseases are numerous, from diabetes to cancer.

But that is only if the cause of the disease is a lack of xeronine imbalance in the body.

He also warned that the juice from the fruit should not be used in combination with other stimulants of any kind.

If you use juice with other stimulants it can result in various side effects:


– Dizziness

– Palpitations

– Agitation

– Hallucinations

Also, it should be mentioned that Noni is characterized by its stimulating effect.

However, it`s not purifying the body, unlike some other plants.

This means it`s not recommended for people who have problems with kidney or liver.

In addition, it`s not recommended for people who take medicine for expelling fluids and blood dilution.

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