Nordic Diet! It Removes Pounds, Recovers A Complete Body!

Nordic Diet

If you are bored with a healthy diet based on the Mediterranean menu, it might not be a bad idea to consider switching to a “stronger” plan – Nordic diet.

Nowadays, this diet is becoming more and more popular.

At the same time, several studies confirm that the Nordic diet regime is a great way to get rid of excess pounds.

In addition, it will bring the body into order and improve overall health.

Try Nordic diet

When it comes to health, the Nordic diet regulates blood pressure and also lowers chronic cholesterol.

It has also a great influence on the problem of various inflammations associated with some chronic diseases like:


– Diabetes type 2

Alzheimer`s disease

– Also other dangerous diseases

Almost all types of vegetables and fruits are allowed for you to consume in the Nordic diet.

However, the emphasis is on blueberries and other berries but you need also to consume:



– Also, plums

From vegetable nutritionists recommend to consume:






– Also, onions


In addition, it is very important to eat nuts in a quantity of one hand a day.

The Nordic Diet is based on a daily intake of fish and also seafood.

You can also consume and meat but is recommended to eat once a week.

Nutritionists also recommend for you to consume milk and eggs.

However, do not consume them more than three times a week.

Fast foods, juices, and also all processed foods are forbidden.

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