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Why It`s Not Good To Drink Water During Meals?

Why It`s Not Good To Drink Water During Meals?

A lot of people have a habit and also drink water before and during meals.

New findings indicate that if drink water during meals does more harm than good for your body and overall health.

Why is not good to drink water during the meal?

Nutritionist Robyn Youkilis in her book “Go with Your Gut”, claims that this habit harms digestion and absorption of nutritious things in the body.

Robyn Youkilis recommendation is to don`t drink water half an hour before and one hour after meals.

If you must drink water during your meals to help you swallow food, you need to take it in small sips.

Otherwise, if you are drinking water during meals at once, it may cause dilution reserves of hydrochloric acid.

The hydrochloric acid in the stomach is essential for proper decomposition of food.

Drinking water during meals can do more harm than good.

Too much liquid during meals can cause bloating, problems with digestion and prevent the proper absorption of nutrients things.

That is also an opinion from a nutritionist Ali Miller.

The ideal pH of the stomach is 1 to 2 is saying Ali Miller and this level of acidity helps in:

– The breakdown of proteins

– It stimulates the release of digestive enzymes

– It helps in the absorption of vitamin B12

– Also for the conversion of food into the slurry which facilitates digestion

When you are drinking water during the meal then water slows down the whole process and then come up with flatulence and indigestion.

When is it best to drink water?

For healthy digestion during the meal, you can drink a maximum 2 dl of water (in small sips).

During the rest of the day, you can drink between meals.

That will help you to remove away the “false” hunger that you feel when you are actually dehydrated.

Hope that this article will help you to use water in a proper way.


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