Home Health Do Not Reheat Spinach! What are the consequences?
Do Not Reheat Spinach! What are the consequences?

Do Not Reheat Spinach! What are the consequences?

Spinach is undoubtedly one of the healthiest natural foods.

However, you need to keep in mind that when consuming it is best to prepare as much as we need for serving.

The reason for that is because the reheating of food – spinach is not recommended.

Spinach belongs to a group of green leafy vegetables with a relatively high percentage of nitrate.

When you cook this green leafy vegetable the remains of the meal are not recommended to keep at room temperature.

Immediately after serving you need to place them in the fridge.

When this vegetable is standing at the room temperature, especially when it comes to thermally-processed foods, the amount of nitrate is increasing.

At the same time, they are even converted into nitrites in the cooking process.

They are dangerous because they associate with the amines in the body by creating highly carcinogenic compounds.

Those compounds are called nitrosamines, explained nutritionist and scientist Dagmar Von Cramm.

If you only briefly reheat this green leafy vegetable just before you consume, you do not have to worry.

Of course, reheating it does not apply to a very small child.

In the most extreme case if children eat reheated spinach it can cause a choking.

This green leafy vegetable you can also eat raw as a salad.

Spinach is rich in beneficial things for our body

This vegetable low in fat and, at the same time contains:


– Niacin

– Niacin

Vitamin A

– Zinc

– Vitamin B6

Vitamin C

– Thiamin

– Folate

Vitamin E

– Calcium

– Iron


– Phosphorus

– Potassium

– Copper

– Vitamin K

– Manganese

Health benefits of spinach:

– Improves eyesight

– It can treat Macular degeneration

– It contains alpha lipoic acid the lowers glucose levels – diabetes

– Provide neurological benefits

– Maintain your blood pressure

– Strengthens the body muscles

– Helps in mineralization of the bones

– Reduces the risk of Cataracts

Cancer prevention

– It increases the body metabolism

– It also has anti-ulcerative properties

– Prevents atherosclerosis

– It also helps with fetal development

– Reduces inflammation

– Provides proteins for the growth of infants

– It also protects your skin and hair

Therefore, remember that this green leafy vegetable is the best to eat raw or immediately after cooking.

Source: www.organicfacts.net





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