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The Number 1 Enemy For Your Slim Body!

The Number 1 Enemy For Your Slim Body!

A lot of people are wishing to have a slim body and lose weight.

In addition, to achieve that they substitute meals with healthy smoothies and this is not a bad choice.

Iced smoothies are preparing quickly, have a good taste, look good and are very healthy.

Therefore, all people adore them, but nutritionists warn that some species of these icy drinks can also slow down the process of weight loss or have a slim body.

Drinking smoothies is a great way to increase the intake of vegetables and fruits in the body.

Of course, that is good, especially if you are a person who usually does not like to eat these foods.

But these drinks can be sources of large amounts of calories and sugar!

For example, in 800 ml of average smoothies banana and blueberry, you can find more than 500 calories and 100 grams of sugar.

That is five times more than in the chocolates – warns nutritionist.

To avoid the hidden pitfalls in making your refreshing beverage and choosing ingredients, follow the advice of experts.

Follow these tips to have a slim body

-1. Use homemade smoothies

Buying smoothies and industrially made drinks are full of sugar and fat!

Always prepare smoothies by yourself.

The creamy and icy mixture you get from fewer calorie foods, such as low-fat Greek yogurt and a few ice cubes.

-2. Choose the right portion

Pre-plan your meals!

If you want to replace breakfast or snacks with a smoothie, limit the amount of beverage drank on about 200 calories.

At the same time, select the one that contains some sort of healthy proteins, such as avocado or nuts.

In this way, you saturate yourself and eat less in the next meal.

-3. Fruit is better than fruit juice

Nutritionists have nothing against moderate drinking fruit juices, but advise caution with the consumption of these liquids.

The industrial fruit juices are full of sugar, which increase the caloric beverages, so do not put them in your smoothies.

Instead of industrial fruit juices, choose fresh summer fruit and squeeze it in the drink.

-4. Never enough vegetables

When it comes to vegetables, nutritionists say it’s never too much.

In your favorite smoothie add spinach, kale, cucumber, carrots and other healthy vegetables and improve the taste of this healthy and refreshing beverage.

Those above are healthy and practical tips if you like to have a slim body and lose weight.

Therefore drink smoothies, but prepare them in the proper way.


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