Old Folk Constipation Remedy!

Old Folk Constipation Remedy

Old Folk Constipation Remedy

From all human disorders which are exposed to intestines, the most common is chronic constipation.

Old folk constipation remedy will solve this problem easily.

The cause of this disease is primarily in insufficient movement and deliberate stopping rush feces when it occurs.

Healthy people in 24 hours once or twice cleanse intestines which is a reflection of the natural and healthy digestion.

It happens more frequent cleaning during the day, but it does not have to be a sign of specific disorders.

Use this old folk constipation remedy

The suffering caused by constipation affect not only the body but also the mental state.

People with constipation are very irritable.

The workers who sit at work or are generally don`t move frequently usually suffer from constipation.

Old folk constipation remedy

Wash a pound of figs into hot water and put them in 1 liter of water.

Cook them for half an hour over low heat.

Cool the liquid and drink one glass every 2 hours.

The figs you can eat.

Better results are achieved when you are cooking a ½ kg of figs and a ½ kg of prunes, which are cooked in three liters of water.

Let the mixture cook until you have one liter of water.

Before and after meals drink 1 dl of the liquid.

In addition, you should take one tablespoon of cooked figs and prunes.

The remainder of the liquid, figs and prunes you should take between meals or during next day.

The quantity of the above-mentioned ingredients in the old folk constipation remedy may be relatively lower or higher.

During the disease, you need to eat as many (wild) cabbage and barley, which is prepared without oil and very overcooked.

It is very useful to take a lot of fresh apples and plums.

In the absence of wild cabbage, you can use chard, cabbage, kale and in all dishes to use a lot of onions.

As old folk constipation remedy against the disease, you can use over boiled oats and wheat.

In one liter of water put 100 grams of wheat and 100 grams of oats and cook all together.

Oats and wheat you can to eat as a food additive and drink liquid instead of water.

The cooled fluid can be added weak tea prepared from equal amounts of peppermint and mistletoe.

During the treatment of constipation, meals must be smaller and more frequent.

You need to get rid of all physical and mental efforts and don`t stay in stuffy rooms.

It is good to spend time picking herbs or cultivating a garden.

It`s recommended a light job that will distract the patient from the fatigue of everyday life.

It is permitted to drink one glass of white wine daily.


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