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The Old Folk Remedy For Urticaria Or Hives!

The Old Folk Remedy For Urticaria Or Hives!


Urticaria is also known as Hives, the disease manifests itself pale and red spots of various sizes that are raised above the skin and are very itchy.

These stains arise suddenly and disappear suddenly.

The itching can be so strong that the patient is restless day and night, especially in warm conditions.

Sometimes occur pre-signs of diseases such as indigestion, vomiting, diarrhea or constipation and fever.

In some patients, Hives is undergoing very fast, while the other repeats, and to the chronic form of Hives the patient has a very tedious and painful.

Treat Hives with this old folk remedy

In many cases, Urticaria can occur after eating certain foods, and, at the same time they didn’t have problems with indigestion.

There are some ingredients that often cause urticaria, like berries, fish, crabs, clams, oysters, mussels and edible fig.

In addition, certain medications can cause this disease, such as quinine, antipyrine, turpentine and others.

At women, urticaria is associated with the intimate area.

It`s very often the case when the disease is caused by intestinal parasites.

The treatment of hives in children

At children, the disease is associated mainly with a monotonous diet such as candy, canned products and animal fats.

Therefore, it is important to change the diet and have healthy eating habits.

Children need to eat overcooked food with a lot of green and vegetables and prepared with vegetable oil.

You need to mix equal amounts of herbs and prepare tea that can be taken and used in three ways: as a drink, bath and damp wraps.

Old Folk Remedy For Hives

Ingredients you need for the recipe against Hives:

– Wall germander leaves

– Plantago major leaves

– Fennel stalks

– Oak leaves

Yarrow flowers

Drink Preparation:

It`s preparing moderate children’s tea.

In 1 liter of boiling water put 5 g mixture of herbs and cook covered for half a minute.

Drink bitter tea three times daily before meals and between meals, for younger children per 0.5 ounces and for older per 1 dl.

Bath preparation:

It`s preparing tea.

In 4 liters of boiling water put 10 g mixture of herbs and cook covered for two minutes.

For small children, it is enough to take 5 g of a mixture of herbs in 2 liters of water.

Use children bath every second day until the disease disappear.

Wraps preparation:

It`s preparing moderate tea from the same mixture of grass.

In 1 liter of boiling water put 5 g mixture of herbs and cook covered for 1 minute.

Once the tea has cooled, it is not necessary to strain.

It is used every second day, alternately with baths, once you have a child bathed and dried.

Soak a cotton cloth wrap into a tea and gently apply on the body.

Apply damp wraps as quickly as possible to avoid colds.

Treatment of Hives at the elderly

The composition of tea:

– 10 g of yarrow flowers

– 10 g of Plantago major leaves

– 10 g of thyme leaves and flowers

– 10 g stalks galium aparine

– 10 g lode (tendon) of nettle

– 10 g of blackberry leaves

– 10 g lode of spiny restharrow

– 10 g of elecampane leaves

Preparation and application of tea:

Herbs should be really nicely chopped and mixed.

In 1 liter of boiled and cooled water soak 10 g mixture of herbs for 4 hours.

Then you need to cook mixture over low heat and when it starts to boil, hold the heat for one minute.

Warm tea strain into bottle and consumption is up to 1 liter daily, before and after eating – instead of water.

The bath is prepared by a 30g mixture of herbs with 10 liters of water.

In this mixture, you need to add and a handful of sawdust.

Cook covered, about 5 minutes.

With this tea, you need to moisten the whole body, except the head, every other day after bathing.

Treatment of severe forms of Hives

Use the same recipe as a treatment for the elderly, provided that the body is moisturized with the decoction of herbs and sawdust every day.

Tea prepared like beverage is taken 3 times per day, 1 dl before and after eating.

Instead of drinking water you should drink tea (light tea) prepared from a mixture of equal amounts of herbs:

Ingredients you need:

– Blackberry leaves

– Roots of burdock

– Nettle leaves


In 2l of boiling water add 5 grams mixture of herbs and cook covered for half a minute.

When the tea is cool down strain it into one dark bottle and clogged keep in a cool place.

In all forms of the Hives (Urticaria) pay special attention to nutrition.

Eat freshly prepared food, very overcooked with as many as possible vegetables, green, especially wild cabbage.

The food should be prepared in plant fat or vegetable oil.




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