Omnipotent Watermelon! Prepare Salad, Soup And A Cocktail Of Watermelon! (RECIPES)

Omnipotent Watermelon

Omnipotent Watermelon

You are mistaken if you think that omnipotent watermelon you should just cut into pieces and eat.

Here’s an amazing idea how unusual recipes enjoy refreshing watermelon and feel the taste of the year.

Omnipotent watermelon you can eat all day in different variants and recipes that you maybe you didn`t know until now.

Connect seemingly incompatible fruits and vegetables and enjoy the unique taste.

Omnipotent watermelon for your special day

Omnipotent watermelon will give an irresistible charm.

Here are the ways that you can eat watermelon

-1. Cocktail of omnipotent watermelon

When you think of watermelon remember the summer.

The ice cocktail made from watermelon can be ideal for refreshments during the day and also welcome to spice hot summer night, wherever you are spending.

Put one cup of water, one cup of sweetener and a small bunch of basil to the pan.

Then, cook all together and discard basil.

Peel a smaller watermelon and cut in large pieces.

Put this mixture in a blender until it is completely fragmented and fluid.

Now combine the resulting juice with cold syrup of basil, which you created previously and add half a cup of gin.

This refreshing specialty you can serve with one cube of ice.

-2. Omnipotent watermelon in salad

In a large bowl mix three cups of watermelon, two large ripe tomatoes, one medium cucumber, which will pre-peel and chop.

Then mix all ingredients and add one finely chopped onion, one-third cup of olives, a third crumbled feta cheese, a chopped parsley and mint.

All this season with olive oil and red wine, sea salt and enjoy snacks.

-3. The soup of omnipotent watermelon

Peel a smaller watermelon and cut it into large pieces.

Put pieces of watermelon in a shredder and add two chopped ripe tomatoes, one shredded garlic and two tablespoons of natural squeezed lemon juice.

At the end of the resulting mixture add sea salt and put several ice cubes.

Then, all that you need to cool in the refrigerator and decorate your soup of watermelon with fresh basil and olive oil.

-4. Special crisp watermelon delicacy – granite

Cut one kilogram of watermelon into small pieces and remove the peel.

After that freeze the pieces and put in a blender.

Pour two tablespoons of sugar and freshly squeezed lemon.

Stir all ingredients until you get a liquid state.

Then, pour the mixture into a glass or ceramic pan and freeze for two hours.

Be sure to break the ice crystals with a fork every 30 minutes.

You’ll get crisp and succulent delicacy that will refresh and wake up your body.

Of course, this is not just refreshing recipes.

You will get, at the same time, all health benefits from all ingredients and amazing omnipotent watermelon.


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