Only One Cup Of Green Tea Creates An Impenetrable Shield On The Cells! Safe Way To Prevent The Worst Diseases!

Green Tea

A recent study conducted by scientists revealed that a compound rich in antioxidants in green tea could be able to destroy cancer cells.

At the same time, that compound is leaving healthy cells completely unaltered.

It is a matter for the compound that is responsible for many benefits of green tea.

This compound is already known that is protecting our body from cancer – EGCG.

Green tea – EGCG

EGCG has been thoroughly studied for its ability:

– To prevent cancer

– Accelerate metabolism

– Prevent obesity

– Protect the brain

– Slow down the aging process

Although the scientists discover in some studies that EGCG kills all cancer cells, they are not quite sure why it is so.

The recent studies have brought them closer to understanding.

Those studies are suggesting that EGCG can trigger a process in mitochondria that leads to the death of cancer cells.

Professor Joshua Lambert explained:

“EGCG causes the creation of reactive oxygen parts in dangerous cancer cells, that damages mitochondria.”

Mitochondria react to as much oxygen as possible.

In addition, in its weakened condition, cancer cells ultimately fall under EGCG and die.

Researchers also note that the protein called Sirtuin 3 (SIRT3) is crucial to the process of mitochondrial function that is affected by EGCG.

It plays an important role in the function of mitochondria.

EGCG has a selective effect on the activity of the Sirtuin 3 in the cells – says Dr. Joshua Lambert.

It has been also shown that EGCG did not cause damage to normal cells.

In fact, it seemed to increase the protective capability of normal cells, creating a kind of an impenetrable shield on the cells.

The next step will be also to test EGCG on animals and humans.

Scientists hope that cancer treatment will be discovered afterward without any undesirable effects caused by conventional treatments such as chemotherapy.

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