Only One Handful Of Forest Strawberries Recovers Bone And Brain, Heal the Digestive Tract!

Forest Strawberries

Forest strawberries are just one of 400 famous strawberries in the world.

Each of these strawberries has their own medicinal powers, but folk medicine for medical purposes preferably recommends forest strawberries.

Although ordinary forest strawberry is considerably smaller than domestic strawberries, it should be noted that forest strawberry contains a much higher concentration of nutrients and medicinal substances.

Because of its sophisticated look, smell, and taste, this fruit is among the most popular wild plants.

Forest strawberries are the natural treasure

This fruit is very rich in vitamin C.

One handful of forest strawberries meets the daily needs of this vitamin!

In addition, it contains vitamins of B group, vitamin E, carotene, flavonoids, iron, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, tannin, triterpene, pentose, etc.

Only the presence of manganese in strawberries favorably affects the complete metabolism, brain, nervous system, blood, and bone mass.

Forest strawberries also contain ellagic acid, which prevents the transfer of healthy cells to malignant cells.

In order to preserve nutritionally and nutritional materials, these wild strawberries you need to rinse just for a short time.

Never wash those strawberries under strong water just rinse them shortly before eating.

Nutritionists recommend strawberry as a remedy for the treatment of constipation.

In addition, they treat the discomfort called the “lazy guts”, rheumatism, liver, anemia, and nervousness.

Forest strawberries can:

– Eliminate the symptoms of aging

– Purify the body

– Cherish the skin of the face and body

– Those strawberries can also use people that have diabetes

The only flaw in this fruit is that it can cause an allergic reaction in sensitive people.

For cleansing of the organism, as well as against stones in kidneys and gallbladder, it is desirable to eat 1 kg of wild strawberries 30-45 days.

It is even better if you eat them with yogurt or lemon juice.

During the winter you can use them if you prepared them like strawberry juice.

Tea from strawberry leaves clean blood, liver, kidneys, and soothes the nervous system.

For the skin care, you can prepare the mask of those strawberries.

Take 10 strawberries, mash them and add a little milk.

Keep the mask on your face 2-3 hours or even better all night.

Then you can wash your face with lukewarm water.

This mask cleans and refreshes the skin on your face.

The wild strawberries also boost circulation.

Therefore they can also be a good ally in the fight against cellulite.

You can find this natural gift from Mother Nature from May to August.

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