Ovarian Cancer Remedies! Top Healing Foods That Can Treat This Silent Killer!

Ovarian Cancer Remedies

Ovarian Cancer Remedies

Ovarian cancer is considered as a very serious disease among women.

Every year about 20,000 women have diagnosed of this harmful disease and about 15,000 women die from this disease.

Ovarian cancer is also called silent killer because its symptoms are difficult to recognize.

Ovarian cancer remedies on natural way

That`s why is recommended for every woman to has knowledge and learn to recognize ovarian cancer symptoms which are:

Ovarian cancer symptoms that you need to know:

– Frequent back pain

– Pain in the pelvis and stomach

– Irregular cycles

– Frequent exhaustion and fatigue without reason

– Early satiety

– Pain throughout sexual intercourse

– Vomiting

Bloating stomach

– Excessive growth of dark hair – hair

– Frequent constipation

If you know these ovarian cancer symptoms then you can take preventive steps to stop developing of ovarian cancer.

In addition, if you know ovarian cancer remedies then you can stop the progress of this deadly disease with these natural remedies below.

Healthy habits and diet are very important in preventing and healing this deadly disease.

You need to stop eating sugar, limit your consumption of dairy products and meat and consume more fresh fruits and vegetables.

There are certain ingredients and foods that are targeting ovarian cancer cells.

They are demonstrating extraordinary and great success in combating this deadly disease.


Ginger root is one of the ovarian cancer remedies and an outstanding ingredient for killing ovarian cancer cells.

According to researchers, dissolved ginger powder in ovarian cancer cultures is killing the mutant cells.

Researchers at the University of Michigan discover that ginger is causing the same apoptosis rate as chemotherapy without any side effects.

In addition, ginger root controls inflammation that is a precursor to this deadly disease.

Green Tea

When you drink at least 2 cups of natural green tea per day you can reduce the risk of this deadly disease by half.

Ginkgo Biloba

About 640 healthy control the subjects and about 600 women were studied during using chondroitin, ginseng, St. John`s wort, echinacea and Ginkgo Biloba.

Only women that consumed Ginkgo Biloba additives lower the rates of ovarian cancer.

It was impressive 60 % reduce in risk.

Flax Seeds

Lignans are chemical compounds that are found in flax seeds and are considered as phytoestrogens.

Flax seeds lignans act as an antioxidant.

It was a surprising investigation with flax seeds and chickens.

Scientists at the University of Illinois discover that cells of ovarian cancer were greatly decreased in hens that consumed flax seeds.

This is very important for the late-stage of ovarian cancer because is a general cause of death.


Women who are more exposed to the sun have less opportunity to develop ovarian cancer.

Hope that we helped you to know more about ovarian cancer symptoms and some of the ways how to treat this deadly disease.


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