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Ovarian Cyst – The Best Natural Treatments

Ovarian Cyst – The Best Natural Treatments

Ovarian Cyst

Most women will develop at least one ovarian cyst at some point in life.

An ovarian cyst is a larger or smaller bubble filled with liquid mass and arises within or on the surface of the ovary.

They are in most cases of benign nature, and as such, can be the cause of various ailments in women.

On the other hand, many women do not know they have an ovarian cyst on the ovary because they do not cause any problems.

It often happens that ovarian cyst disappears by it selves after a few months.

Ovarian cyst can cause ailments in women

However, if ovarian cyst doesn`t disappear and it start to make serious interference, it should be treated or removed by surgery.

There are also natural remedies that can alleviate some symptoms, reduce the size of the ovarian cyst, and even eliminate them completely.

The most effective natural treatments of ovarian cyst

-1. Castor oil

Packs of Castor oil are an old natural remedy for removing cysts.

Castor oil has the property that the body is cleansed of toxins and unnecessary tissue.

Castor oil stimulates lymph circulation in our body, which was likely to diminish and practically dissolve cysts on the ovaries.

How to apply compresses can read on the Castor oil, in order not to repeat the text.

In the treatment of ovarian cyst, should not be used castor oil packs during menstruation.

If you want to become pregnant do not use these packs after ovulation.

-2. Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is another quite effective natural remedy for an ovarian cyst.

It also helps to reduce or completely dissolving cysts.

I still do not know exactly how and why it has such an effect, but according to unofficial sources, this ability is attributed to potassium.

In fact, sometimes the lack of potassium can be a cause of ovarian cyst.

Since the apple vinegar is rich with this mineral, it can be one of the reasons why it is recommended for the treatment of ovarian cyst.

Drink one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar diluted in a glass of lukewarm water, twice a day.

The even better result can be achieved if you drink apple cider vinegar with the tea of yarrow.

-3. Swedish bitters

This is an elixir based plants known for a very wide range of medicinal effects.

Among other things, encourages circulation and purifies the blood.

There are several recipes for Swedish bitters and can contain up to 22 different species of medicinal plants.

Therefore, it is very difficult to enumerate all active substances inside and what are all therapeutic characteristics.

On this basis, there are claims that can even eliminate tumors, but in some cases can actually remove an ovarian cyst.

It is drunk 2-3 months according to the manufacturer’s instructions, but not during menstruation, because it will cause excessive bleeding.

The use of reduced bitters during menstruation is the time when we should expect to throw the fluid from the cyst.

Successful treatment for dissolve cysts, but should also prevent their eventual emergence in the near future.

-4. Red clover

Ovarian cysts are far more likely to occur in the postmenopausal women than in any other period of life.

The development of ovarian cyst is definitely connected with the decreasing of hormone levels.

Red clover is known to contain substances in the body that have a similar effect such as estrogen.

Thus, can help in the treatment of cysts and even better prevent their formation.

You can prepare the tea from red clover or it can be taken in the form of extract.

-5. The houseleek and honey

Houseleek and honey are well-known and proven a natural remedy for healing cysts and fibroids.

Just open page “Houseleek and Honey” and you can read all the details.

One more thing that all women should know is about Ovarian cancer symptoms.



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