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She Owes Hers Youthful Look To A “Weird” Habit!

She Owes Hers Youthful Look To A “Weird” Habit!

Many people are shocked with her youthful look when they see her and also when they hear her age.

She can also lie about that because she wants to find love.

At the same time, “How many men are looking for a woman of 70” – says Stella Ralfini.

A retired therapist from London, Stella Ralfini, has spent 70 years, but no one has any idea of ​​how old she is.

Its youthful look, apart from a healthy lifestyle, is also attributed to the “marvelous” fluid used by the skin.

You can have youthful look

She discovered this remedy for her youthful look when she was still studying medicine in India as a 30-year-old.

Then she got a skin rash that had severely irritated her.

One of the local doctors advised her to use and put her urine on the skin rash.

Given that she could not help her anyhow, she had done what the doctor advised her.

She had a rash of urine, and after a week the rash retreated and also did not appear ever after.

But in April this year, Stella was diagnosed with skin cancer and then returned to her old method of treatment.

She was cured of cancer, but she still treats her skin with urine.

“Many people are also shocked when I say my age, and I could be lying about that because I like to find love.

However, what man is searching for a woman that has 70 years?” – says Stella.

The secret for her youthful look attributes the urine from her own body that she uses.

She also says that the urine is just one of the best remedies.

A lot of people are annoyed even when they think about this body liquid.

In addition, the urine is not even dirty at all.

The urine is your DNA.

That’s why your own urine has such a beneficial effect on the health.

The urine can treat anything you have on your face and also skin.

That is the words of this youthful lady.


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