Peaches Extract Make Cancer Cells Commit Suicide! Must Read This!

Peaches Extract

The peaches extract is a new proven ingredient for fighting cancer.

You know the old saying “One apple per day will keep a doctor away”.

There is also one more that is saying “three peaches per day will keep cancer away”.

Actually, peaches extract is not just for protection from cancer, it has the ability to start up self-destruction in dangerous cancerous cells.

This ability of peaches extract was confirmed by several scientific studies.

Peaches extract – one more natural weapon against cancer

Professor Giuliana Noratto is a food science researcher At the Washington State University.

This science researcher in concert with other researchers at the Texas A & M Found that chemical compounds – polyphenols can start up self-destruction in dangerous cancer cells.

Polyphenols or polyhydroxyphenols are a structural class of natural, but also semisynthetic and synthetic, organic chemicals.

Cancerous cells that are known as deadly metastatic cells are spreading out all over the human body.

The test in lab rats which have been received one shot of breast cancer cells slowed down this process of spreading out deadly metastatic cells.

The breast cancer is one of the most fatal and the most common cancer in women in the USA.

That was the reason why Giuliana Noratto and other researchers used it in the test.

However, they have discovered that peaches extract or polyphenols destroy also all types of cancer cells.

Peach Extract Is More Safer Than Chemotherapy

As you know a chemotherapy can destroy the cancer cells.

At the same time will destroy and healthy cells in human body.

Polyphenols can identify only affected cells and interact just with these cells without nasty and dangerous side effects that are typical for chemotherapy.

According to these tests, a woman with weighing about 130 pounds needs to consume 3 peaches per day in order to have the positive cancer-destroying effects of peaches.

This team of scientists wants to discover if completely natural healing with this extract is possible.

After 12 days of this research, the scientists discover fewer formation of blood vessel structure that is responsible for spreading dangerous cancerous cells.

They also found out, that red color peaches have more polyphenols capable of eliminating the cancer cells.

So, Elberta, Cresthaven, Redhaven and other red peaches might be the best solution for this purpose.


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