Pear Is A Remedy! It Improves The Mood, Reduces Pounds, Cleanses The Body!


By the end of August pear will mature and give to all of us the last fruitful greetings of autumn.

But this amazing fruit is not only delicious.

This fruit is also incredibly useful for our body and health.

This fruit Homer called in Odyssey as a “Gift of Gods.”

All around the world people consider this fruit as a fruit that makes people cheerful and beautiful.

At the same time, a pear can treat many diseases and stops the time.

Health benefits of pear

For a good mood

With dizziness and increased fatigue, it is not necessary to drink a coffee.

This fruit contains folic acid that will cheer you up better than any stimulation drink and normalize your pressure.


The pear is rich in antioxidants.

Moreover, this fruit stops the aging of cells and promotes their regeneration.

In addition, it is fighting against free radicals that cause cancer.

Good figure

Fibers, which are in large quantities in the pears, normalize sorption and accelerate metabolism.

All of that positively affects the figure.

In addition, this fruit does not contain a lot of calories.

Good health

This fruit also contains all the vitamins necessary to the body at the very beginning of autumn.

It contains vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin E, vitamin P, vitamin PP, vitamin S, etc.

These vitamins are responsible for nourishing skin, nails, hair, emotional stability, intellect and of course immunity.

Cleaning the body

Pear has a positive effect on the pancreas and also cleans liver and kidneys.

Your digestion system doesn`t need insulin to digest fructose.

Therefore, nutritionists often recommend this fruit for diabetics.

It protects your body from:

– Damage


– Digestion problems

It also stimulates the work of digestion system and intestines and can help during different weight loss programs.

More about this fruit you can read at “Pear, Forgotten Fruit


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