PEPPERS – Natural colorful friend in our kitchen


Peppers have been used long in the kitchens around the world.

It would be difficult to enumerate types of meals and recipes with keywords peppers.

Because of the bright and varied colors we are happy to use them for decoration and food.

There is a well- known the very aromatic smell and taste of the vegetables that will in every meal to give a wonderful aroma even used in small quantities.

Firstly to explain what they are phytochemicals.

Phytochemicals in literal translation mean plant chemicals or chemicals of plant origin.

This refers to the vast number of biologically active chemicals found in plants.

The plant pigments also fall into these immense group plants, which have been transcribed recently like more important.

Specifically phytochemicals increasingly called vitamins of the 21st century.

Peppers is the best to eat fresh

And now what science says about the peppers?

These vegetables can be in a variety of colors such as: yellow, orange, red, violet, green and even brown and black.

Each color of peppers contains different types of phytochemicals needed for the healthy functioning of our body.

A large number of phytochemicals in peppers has antioxidant properties and may prevent or reduce the symptoms of certain diseases.

In addition, they can be of different flavors, even some mild and sweet and some sour.

It is important to know that whatever had tasted, peppers are very nutritious and are not plants richest in vitamin C and vitamin A.

They have a low energy value, and are great for diet nutrition, especially because rich in minerals, especially potassium.

Red peppers are especially rich in phytochemicals and are a good source of vitamin K, minerals manganese and molybdenum.

So take a look and its medicinal properties:

– Thanks to vitamin A is useful for sight conservation and against various types of infections.

– Vitamin C raises immunity and reduces the risk of cancer.

– Vitamin B6 is vital for the human body, nourishes the nervous system and improves immunity.

– Beta-carotene which is located in red peppers is known to protect against certain types of cancer, such as breast cancer.

Lycopene in red peppers can reduce the risk of ovarian cancer.

– This vegetable-acting antidepressant, antiseptic, appetite, stimulate digestion, has a positive effect on the kidneys and intestines.

And at the end to say that the peppers like many other vegetables, it is best to eat while is fresh to use vitamins (especially vitamin C).

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