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POTATO – One of favorite and useful food

POTATO – One of favorite and useful food

Potato, according to some historians, is about more than 400 years ago in our kitchen.

This vegetable comes from South America, from the area that today occupy the territory of Peru and Bolivia.

According to some sources, the potato in Europe was not passed by English pirate Drake, but the German king Frederick the Great, despite fierce opposition from the then agricultural experts.

It is interesting that the former Brandenburg Chamber of Agriculture of that long Deterrent King Frederick, assuring him that the cultivation of potato (and due to the lack of wheat and rye) cause hunger.

Later experience has, however, shown that the potato is a quality food, especially in combination with wheat or rye.

Potato is our everyday friend

At the same time, the potato is started to produce spirit and starch while one-third of the production in Germany is being spent on human or animal feed.

There are different opinions about who actually has the merit to carry the potato to Europe.

Some argue that it is due Englishmen of John Hawkins slave trader, who allegedly gave seed potatoes to pharmacist Geradeu 1565.

If this information is indeed confirmed, it would be likely that the potatoes got to Europe from Spain and the first in Germany, then in Italy, Belgium, Austria, the Czech Republic and so on.

Since the potatoes in our diet is very common the fact that we are happy and useful for the organism.

Potato is a generous source of potassium than bananas.

One medium-sized potato (with skin) contains about 600 mg of potassium.

It has 10% of your daily requirement of vitamin B6.

Then, to be more precise, 100 grams of potatoes contains 421 mg of potassium, 1.8 mg calcium, 23 mg of magnesium and 20 mg of vitamin C.

But there are also iron, phosphorus, zinc, copper, molybdenum, chromium, as well as many essential amino acids.

Since the aforementioned minerals to the maximum amount of hidden just below the shell, to make them entirely preserved potatoes should cook or bake the shell.

As for the healing properties of potatoes, the most common use is as a coating to relieve a headache or fever.

Once, while there were no modern drugs for lowering body temperature gradient, the potato slices are rubbed their hands and legs for people with elevated temperatures.

Against diarrhea and inflammatory cuts such as arthritis, drink the water in which are cooked potatoes or where the overnight are standing for raw potatoes.

There was less well known that due to the high content of vitamin B6, influence the production of dopamine and serotonin in the body, which has a beneficial effect on the nervous system and centers for the regulation of mood.

And please don`t forget to see amazing health benefits for diabetes, gastritis and lower blood pressure of potato juice.

Well, we now know that potatoes can help us to feel happier.

Nowadays, sweet potato is overtaking the place in the kitchen.



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